More countries lose Helldivers 2, Ghost of Tsushima on Steam

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With Helldivers 2 already MIA on Steam in a number of countries, Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut has joined it and been pulled from digital storefronts. 

A week ago, Helldivers 2, a hit co-op multiplayer shooter, received review bombings when Sony tried to make a PlayStation Network account mandatory for all players. The move didn’t sit well with PC gamers, many of whom couldn’t actually make accounts. Even though the game is available in over 180 territories on Steam, many of them have no PSN support. 

Although Sony reversed this condition, Helldivers 2 was delisted from Steam in unsupported regions and remains unavailable in many of them. That was just the start of a trend, though. Ghost of Tsushima, which has yet to be released, was also delisted from Valve’s platform in many of those markets. 

Is Ghost of Tsushima delisted from Steam?

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is delisted from Steam and unavailable in over 180 countries

On May 10, SteamDB data showed that the sales of Sucker Punch Productions‘ epic Japan-based title are halted in countries without PSN support. The store page shows the “Wishlist” option, but there is no way to purchase the game on Steam.

The unavailability comes as a surprise because Sucker Punch publically claimed players would only need to link their Steam account to a PSN one for Ghost of Tsushima’s multiplayer mode. The single-player mode won’t have any restrictions or mandatory account connections, according to a Sucker Punch representative on social media.

It’s unclear what the hangup might be. Steam and other retailers may be concerned about a potential flood of refund requests, which was seen with Helldivers 2. This may have also come from Sony, as the company might have de-listed the games in anticipation of adding PSN support to more regions.

It’s also possible that there’s a disconnect between Sony Interactive Entertainment and Sucker Punch on the matter. One of the major takeaways from the Helldivers 2 kerfuffle was the apparent disconnect between Arrowhead Game Studios and PlayStation, with the developer publicly blaming Sony for the mixed messages to fans.

Will Helldivers 2 and Ghost of Tsushima return to Steam?

There is no official statement from Sony, Valve, or Sucker Punch regarding the delisting.

Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt explained the situation to players on Discord and said, “We have no idea what’s going on. But the team is speaking to our partners at PlayStation and Valve.”

The CEO also confirmed that they are striving to get the delisting reversed. Helldivers 2 is already seeing a positive “review bombing” on Steam, raising the game from “Mostly Negative” to “Mixed.”

There is no update from the companies involved about when players from the delisted territories can play Helldivers 2 or Ghost of Tsushima. Sony first-party games fans are feeling uneasy as another hit PlayStation game, God of War Ragnarok, might be announced for PC soon. 

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