Will Helldivers 2 drop PSN requirements? Devs give players hope

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A sudden demand for PSN account linking in Helldivers 2 has turned into a sore spot between Sony Interactive Entertainment and developers Arrowhead Game Studios.

For many gamers, one of the biggest banes upon the current landscape is multiple layers of sign-ups. Players have to sign up to purchase games through their preferred digital storefront. But then, after already taking the time to download and install a game, there’s another hoop to jump through in making an account for Microsoft, Ubisoft Connect, or whatever else.

Helldivers 2 was different. Was.

Though the plan has always been to have the game included under the PSN umbrella, those restrictions were rolled back for a time. Their potential implementation has become a flashpoint for Helldivers 2 players and developers alike.

What is the controversy over Helldivers 2 PSN account sign-ups?

Helldivers 2 is going to require players to register for a PlayStation Network account or sign-in to an existing one.

For PlayStation 5 owners, this isn’t an issue as their game is already attached to the account they purchased the game with. This may be problematic for PC players, and potentially Xbox players in the future

A PSN account can be made for free with little hassle for players who live in a supported country. The trouble is that the PlayStation Network isn’t global, and large portions of Latin America, Europe, Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia do not have PSN support. Though players can create an account easily, much of the world has to lie about their location to do so. This is a violation of the PSN’s terms of service and leaves players susceptible to their accounts being closed.

Helldivers 2 Psn Note

Helldivers 2 has always advertised that it requires a PSN account, with its Steam page also noting this. But because the game has been playable without a PSN signup for months, players outside the PSN’s supported areas now find themselves in an awkward spot.

Discussion surrounding this has seen the discourse surrounding the game take a sharp turn for the worse. While the game received almost uniform praise in the months following its release, its user reviews on Steam have shifted from strong ratings to “Mixed” across its history and “Mostly Negative” in recent reviews.

Will Arrowhead get rid of PSN requirement for Helldivers 2?

Arrowhead Game Studios stated on its Discord that it is working with PlayStation to change or drop the PSN requirements for Helldivers 2.

Regardless, a community manager for the studio suggested that established Helldivers 2 players will be able to continue playing the game without issue regardless.

“If a better solution isn’t provided for players who are in regions without PSN coverage, I’m assured that we won’t be making the requirement mandatory for those players. We’re not going to force people to either break Sony TOS or not play the game,” they said.

This seemingly assures that existing Helldivers 2 players can continue spreading the doctrine of Managed Democracy going forward. Regardless, this has proven to be an unforced error by Sony Interactive Entertainment with what has otherwise been a major success for the company.

The implementation of PSN log-ins for Helldivers 2 is scheduled to go into effect May 6.

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