How to get Familiars in Hades 2, and how to unlock them all

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Hades 2 allows Melinoe to have a Familiar assist her runs, but players first have to get the ability to use them and then unlock the ones they want to use.

Hades is a game about getting help. If it isn’t in the shape of boons from the Gods of Olympus, then it’s through keepsakes that Zagreus or Melinoe take with them. Hades 2 takes things even further by letting Melinoe bring a partner on her runs.

The game has multiple Familiars that players can recruit to their cause. Naturally, every Familiar has different abilities that can benefit players in different ways based on their playstyle. Here’s every Familiar available in Hades 2’s early access and how to unlock them.

Toula the Cat in Hades 2

How to get Familiars in Hades 2

Players can recruit Familiars by giving them a Witch’s Delight or a Beast-Loved Morsel, which is crafted via incantation.

The ability to use Animal Familiars is unlocked using the Faith of the Familiar Spirits incantation, which Headmistress Hecate reveals before one of her many boss fights. The conversation about Animal Familars comes up after the player meets a feline creature in a Fountain Room in Erebus on multiple occasions. 

Frinos the Frog in Hades 2

Fountain Rooms are unlocked through incantations from the Crossroads’ cauldron, a landmark that will be visited frequently. Players must cast Woodsy Lifespring using 3 Silver and 1 Molly. The Fountain Room will then randomly spawn in Erebus, the first area on the way to the Underworld.

Once unlocked, Hades 2 players can utilize the same cauldron to use the Faith of the Familiar Spirits incantation. This requires two ingredients; two Nectar and one Lotus. Nectar can be found during runs and by buying it from the Wretched Broker, while Lotus are scattered around Oceanus, the second area on the way to the Underworld.

The Faith of the Familiar Spirits incantation will give players Witch’s Delight which can be given to certain creatures to recruit them as familiars. Additionally, using the incantation for the first time unlocks the recipe for Beast-Loved Morsel, which can be created in the Alchemy section of the cauldron and has the same effect as Witch’s Delight. Beast-Loved Morsel requires two Lotus and one S-Dust.

Every familiar in Hades 2

Hades 2’s early access only has two Familiars; Frinos the Frog and Toula the Cat. The full game will likely have more familiars to recruit.

Frinos the Frog can be found in the area after losing a run. Giving him a Witch’s Delight or Beast-Loved Morsel allows players to bring him along on runs. Frinos offers extra health at the start of a run and the ability to carry two tools, and also deals small damage to enemies by leaping on them.

Toula the Cat can be recruited East of the transitional area between Ephyra and the Rift of Thessaly. Toula gives an extra Death Defiance and can replace the fishing rod twice per night. Additionally, she attacks enemies a certain number of times every time the player sprints or dodges through her.

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