Here’s how to beat, and how to cheese, Eris in Hades 2

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Hades 2’s central theme is war, so it’s only fitting for Eris has a boss fight of her own; but that doesn’t mean that players can’t beat or even cheese her.

Supergiant Games‘ latest release once again pulls from the vast pantheon of Greek gods and monsters for an unforgettable boss fight. Players will likely meet Eris for the first time in an Underworld run after being “blessed” with a run-ending debuff. Thankfully, players can exact vengeance by going on the Olympus route.

After the player braves through the Rift of Thessaly, Eris stands between them and Olympus. For many, the first time they meet Eris will not be a good time, especially with her wielding the Adamant Rail from Hades 1. It’s still entirely possible to beat and potentially even cheese Eris in Hades 2.

Hades 2: Eris boss fight moves and tactics

Eris is an annoyingly fast-moving boss who fires bullets and bombs with wild abandon.

Few other bosses will test the player’s ability to bob and weave through projectiles quite like Eris. Her attacks will randomly jump from bomb barrages to shotgun blasts on a whim, befitting the Strife Incarnate.

Sometimes, she will also summon enemies. Thankfully they’re not very difficult to dispose of, more of a distraction while she fires more suffering at you. 

Whenever the player deals enough damage to Eris, Eris becomes invulnerable for a few seconds before receiving a +100% boost in damage output. Eris will repeat this multiple times throughout the fight, so don’t even try to tank those bullets and bombs, no matter how many sources of Death Defiance are available.

Effective sprinting is key against Eris in Hades 2. Sprint can be used to dodge the vast majority of Eris’ attacks, provided there aren’t any inhibitions. After each attack, Eris will sometimes stop to reload and that’s the best opportunity to start attacking her with big attacks.

How to cheese Eris in Hades 2

Players can potentially cheese their way to victory against Eris by hiding behind the red pillars in the boss arena.

Hades 2 Red Pillar Eris
These pillars are a powerful defensive tool.

These pillars will block the majority of Eris’ attacks. Players can exploit this by hugging the pillars and only attacking Eris when she gets close, firing off ranged attacks while she reloads. Be warned, however, as she can destroy these pillars with a purple shot.

Eris has an attack that she lines up like a sniper rifle, with a purple indicator showing where she will shoot. Players should come out from behind the pillar and dodge the shot, rather than letting the pillar get destroyed. This will preserve the pillar, and allow Hades 2 players to keep using it for a cheesy victory over Eris.

The best boons and weapons to beat Eris in Hades 2

Hestia’s Soot Sprint is the most powerful boon to use against Eris.

Fans of Hades 1 will know the Adamant Rail’s original owner was none other than Hestia herself. This actually comes up in conversation after dying to Eris. It’s only fitting that her boon can also counteract her iconic weapon.

Soot Sprint destroys most projectiles that hit Melinoe and deals damage to the enemy that fired them. For a skilled sprinter, this can make the Eris fight downright trivial. Of course, bad timing could mean she still lands hits, as Sprint takes a second to trigger after dashing. Plus, her bombs and dash attacks will still deal damage regardless, so don’t get overly confident. 

As for the best weapon, the Moonstone Axe with a damage-buffed Special can make short work of Eris.

Eris’ bullets can’t go through the pillars, but the Moonstone Axe’s cleave can. Hug the pillar and spam that Special whenever she’s nearby. With sufficient Magick and Magick-recovering boons, this strategy can lead to an easy cheese victory over Eris. Beating Eris will net you a Golden Apple, a valuable resource for completing Arcana Cards. 

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