Hades 2: Melinoe’s dash is great, you’re just using it wrong

Hades 2 Schelemeaus with text saying Is Dashing Hard?

Hades 2 introduced quite a few changes to the core gameplay, with Melinoe’s dash being at the center of much of the discussion.

Hades 2 made its early access debut in May 2024 and broke many of the first game’s records. Within a day of its release, Hades 2 reached 79,000 concurrent players according to Steam Charts, more than double Hades 1’s all-time peak.

However, for all the love the sequel has received, longtime fans have their complaints. Hades 2 plays quite differently from Hades 1. In particular, Melinoe lacks Zagreus’ hyperactive movement abilities, which forces players to approach Hades 2 very differently.

Players can’t spam dashes in Hades 2 like they did in Hades 1

The dash mechanic in Hades 2 requires perfect timing for high agility.

In Hades 1, most top-tier builds and boons often boiled down to allowing Zagreus to dash with impunity. The invincibility frames, the amount of time Zagreus can ignore damage, were quite forgiving in Hades 1. In Hades 2, Skelly, now known as Schelemeus, returns and explains how dashes differ in Hades 2.

Guide for dashing in Hades 2

After Melinoe dashes, she cannot dash again for about one second. The trail of shadowy stars behind Melinoe visually communicates to the player when they can dash. The player can safely dash once the trail has disappeared.

While that may not sound like a long time, it can mean the difference between life and death in a hectic boss fight. Mashing the dash button won’t give the immediate invincibility that ability offered in Hades 1. 

This change surprised some players, with many wishing for Zagreus’ double-dash to return. However, Hades 2 is a fundamentally different game that wants the player to use the new mobility mechanic: Sprint. 

How does sprinting work in Hades 2?

Players sprint by holding the dash button.

After dashing, keep the dash button pressed down. Melinoe will immediately sprint and move much faster than usual. It will feel clunky for some players at first, but sprint is the secret to making dash work. After a dash, Hades 2 expects the player to hold onto that dash button for the extra speed from sprinting. 

Instead of mashing, the player essentially presses and holds the dash button rhythmically, keeping up the sprint while the dash gets ready. When paired with certain boons and upgrades, sprinting can be faster, passively deal damage, or protect the player from projectiles. Overall, Melinoe’s mobility can be just as quick as Zagreus, provided the player gets the timing just right. 

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