Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home release date, platforms revealed

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Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home has just been announced and its release date is sooner than fans may realize.

It’s been over a year since Natsume released the last Harvest Moon title, The Winds of Anthos. Fans are ready to see what’s next for the beloved series, and it looks like Natsume is leaning toward the series’ original themes for this next story. The publisher is likely to up its game, too, with a wave of life sim competitors on the horizon like The Sims 5 and Stardew Valley sister title Haunted Chocolatier.

Not much is known about Home Sweet Home just yet from a gameplay perspective. However, players have a release window and know what platforms the game will be released on. 

Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home release date

Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home will be released in August 2024, but no specific release date has been announced

The release date for Home Sweet Home is targeted just three months out from the game’s announcement. This means players won’t have to wait long until it’s in their hands. There’s no word about what time it’ll be released, either.

Fans already know Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home’s story will center around returning to rural life after 10 years of living in the city. The player’s hometown is falling apart, and their best friend convinces them to come home and help rejuvenate it. 

However, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine as other villagers question the player’s motives for trying to help the town. Making friends with the villagers and gaining their trust seems to be a main part of the game, which isn’t uncommon for the series. It’s also something newcomers to the series will appreciate, as Harvest Moon is retaking a page from Stardew Valley’s playbook.

It’s not clear yet whether everything in the game will be released in August. Many past Harvest Moon titles have had several waves of DLC that came out following release. It’s likely that Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home will receive several injections of new content after its initial release date. 

What platforms will Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home be on?

Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home will be released on both iOS and Android mobile devices, but there is no word on a console release.

There’s hope that Home Sweet Home could come to consoles in the future. Both Harvest Moon: Light of Hope and Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories, two other mobile games, were eventually released on consoles.

2023’s The Winds of Anthos received generally solid reviews after titles like Light of Hope and One World were critically panned. Natsume Inc and Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home will look to continue that return to form for the series.

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