Heartsteel unveiled: find out the release dates for the skins, song

league of legends virtual band heartsteel

Riot Games unveiled its newest virtual band Heartsteel, confirming the champions that will be part of the group and the release date for the group’s first single.

After seeing major success with its previous virtual bands, Riot Games has announced a new act in Heartsteel. The band consists of a crew of League of Legends champions reimagined as pop stars. As with other virtual bands like Gorillaz and Dethklok, a group of real-life artists will perform original songs with the characters standing in for the artists in music videos.

The band’s debut song can be pre-saved across various audio streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. Here’s when Heartsteel’s debut track will come out and what League of Legends champions are part of the group.

What LoL champions are in Heartsteel?

Heartsteel has six members including Aphelios, Ezreal, Kayn, K’Sante, Sett, and Yone.

Like K/DA and True Damage, Heartsteel features different music artists. Ezreal is voiced by Baekhyun, better known for his role as the main vocalist in the popular K-pop group EXO. Los Angeles-based rapper Cal Scruby voices Kayn. Nigerian hip-hop artist Tobi Lou voices K’Sante. Taiwanese-American singer-songwriter and rapper ØZI is Sett.

Aphelios and Yone don’t have confirmed voice artists attached to them and it might be due to their role in the group. Aphelios is the group’s instrumentalist and songwriter while Yone is listed as a producer. Something similar was seen in True Damage, where Yasuo served as the group’s DJ but never had any vocals.

Precedent suggests that the real-life artists will perform the song during Worlds 2023, most likely as part of the opening to the finals.

When is Hearsteel’s first song coming out?

Riot Games unveiled its new virtual boyband Hearsteel and its single Paranoia set to be released on October 23. The release of the song will come ahead of the champions’ skins being added to League of Legends.

The exact genre hasn’t been unveiled yet. However, fans can expect a blend of K-pop, hip-hop, and potentially other genres.

“The group’s personality and sound draws inspiration from modern music collectives, and a range of influences from across genres and eras, culminating in a bold, one-of-a-kind identity,” Riot Games stated in a press release.

Will there be Heartsteel skins in League of Legends?

The Heartsteel skin line is scheduled for release on October 25 as part of League of Legends patch 13.21.

Based on the current event shop for the Worlds 2023 event, there is one more prestigious skin coming out which is most likely one of the Heartsteel skins. According to early leaks, Kayn could have a Legendary skin while Yone has a Prestige version. Legendary skins have a hefty price tag of 1,820 RP. Prestige skins can only be purchased using event tokens, which are earned by playing the game.

The in-game versions of the skins haven’t been officially revealed but they may include special effects and features. Fans ultimately won’t have to wait long, with the single’s release just a week away.

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