Your Summoner Name is going away, here’s what you need to do

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In an effort to better blend together its games, Riot Games is removing Summoner Names from League of Legends in favor of Riot IDs.

Riot is unifying the game experience across League of Legends, Valorant, and its various mobile titles by implementing a global identification system. The decision is part of a previously announced lore overhaul and will see the end of the Summoner Name usage in the game. The decision is frustrating to some players who use different handles between games but is relatively standard practice on platforms like Steam and across many console titles.

This has dedicated League of Legends players scrambling to figure out what their ID is, while those who play multiple games weigh their options on which to change. Here’s how to find out your Riot ID in League of Legends and how to change it if you need to.

How to find your Riot ID

Players can find their Riot ID by logging in on Riot Games’ website or on directly in the League of Legends client.

In order to find your Riot ID, log into the Riot Games account on the company’s official website. Your ID will show up at the top after doing so. The ID consists of a Game Name and a Tagline, which includes three numbers.

Riot Id

Players can also find their Riot ID in the League of Legends client. This can be done by mousing over the player icon in the top right corner of the main menu. The current ID and Tagline will show above the Summoner Name.

How to change your Riot ID

Players can change their Riot ID and tagline in the Account Management section of the website. It cannot be done directly through any of Riot Games’ titles.

Starting on November 20, 2023, players can change their Riot ID for free once every 365 days. Coincidentally, this happens to come immediately after the 2023 Worlds finals. Until then, players can do so once every 30 days. Players who are considering a change in their ID may want to do so quickly before the grace period between free name changes is altered.

Changing it more frequently than once every 365 days will cost approximately $10 in either Riot Points or Legends of Runeterra Coins. Valorant Points and TFT Coins are not currently accepted for changing Riot IDs, but will be added as payment options in the future.

Is the Riot ID the same as a Riot Account?

The Riot ID and the Riot Account are two different things. The Riot Account consists of the credentials used to log into any of Riot Games’ titles. The ID is the screen name and tagline used to identify the players. The Riot account is used for actually logging in.

After November 20, this ID will replace the Summoner Name in League of Legends. Players who play League of Legends, Valorant, TFT, and other Riot Games titles will need to choose just one name that appears across all of them.

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