Valorant fans rage over upcoming changes to smokes, here’s why

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Valorant is about to implement massive changes to smokes in patch 7.08 and both pro and casual players are torn on whether they’re a good thing.

The Valorant 7.08 PBE Patch notes have arrived, confirming the new changes that are coming to the game. This includes bug fixes to Neon and Deadlock and adjustments to Premier Tournament Queue. One quality-of-life change has stirred controversy among fans, with players debating whether it’s a necessary addition to Valorant.

Riot is taking another step at making the game more accessible and understandable for new players, as they will now be alerted when a smoke is about to fade. This change was met with frustration by several notable names in Valorant, including top esports stars.

What are the smoke changes that are coming to Valorant?

Astra, Brimstone and Omen’s smokes will have an audio and visual cue 1.5 seconds that indicates that the smoke will disperse. This warning could potentially save players by allowing them to retreat and avoid being vulnerable from a particular angle.

The update has divided fans, with players theorizing the potential impact of this change. This quality of life update aims to help casual and new players, relieving them of the mental burden of tracking smoke durations and determining when the smoke is about to end. That way, they can instead focus on scanning for enemies and aiming. 

Why are Valorant players mad about it?

Players claim that Riot Games is trying to raise the skill floor of Valorant with the changes to smokes. While this is welcomed by many, a portion of players say that adding cues is unnecessary and only serves to erode the skill gap between players. According to them, knowing smoke timings is a basic skill in Valorant that should set skilled players apart from newbies. 

Some professional players have also expressed their opinions on the matter. In a post on X, Ethan “Ethan” Arnold from Evil Geniuses stated that the change would benefit casual players but would not make a significant difference at the professional level.

“Let’s lower the skill gap even more for the people that play just a few games a month. Also I have a suggestion, let’s give aimbot for people that play only a few games, so they can maintain their rank and continue enjoying the game,” said Žygimantas “nukkye” Chmieliauskas.

Regardless, Valorant patch 7.08 will be available on the PBE from October 13, 2023 until October 16, 2023

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Written by Nina Forneloza

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