Here are all the 10th Anniversary Dota 2 skins and how to get them

dota 2 10th anniversary skins

Dota 2 has started its 10th Anniversary Celebration, more or less, and players have the chance to get a variety of rewards.

There are a few dates that can be regarded as Dota 2’s date of birth. There was its official unveiling at The International 2011 in August 2011, the start of its beta in September 2011, its initial launch in July 2013, and the move to Source 2 in November 2015. In true Valve fashion, the company picked out that July 2013 date as its official birthday then kicked off an anniversary event a month late.

Fans can still reap the rewards, though. The event is live now and offers players the ability to earn treasures “containing one of 13 special items tied to each of Dota’s storied years.” Here are all the rewards available in the Dota 2 10th Anniversary Celebration, and how to get them.

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How to get Dota 2 10th Anniversary Celebration treasures

Dota 2 players can earn a Treasure of the 10-Year Anniversary item by winning games during the event. The treasure contains one of 13 different items, with each one based on a different year in Dota 2’s history. Though this is meant to be a “10th anniversary,” Valve is also acknowledging the game has actually been around for longer than that.

Players earn one treasure by winning a game each day. 10-Year Anniversary treasures can be earned by winning one regular game, or two turbo games. Players have 21 days to earn all 13.

What are the rewards in the Dota 2 10th Anniversary Celebration event?

During the Dota 2 10th Anniversary Celebration, players can receive rewards including an Alpine Stalker skin set for Ursa, a new Mirana Hero Persona skin, and more. Here’s the full list of items:

  1. Dolfrat and Roshinante courier
  2. The Alpine Stalker skin set for Ursa
  3. Relic Sword skin for Wraith King
  4. Filmtail courier
  5. Bindings of Deep Magma skin set for Earthshaker
  6. Staff of Gun-Yu skin for Monkey King
  7. Heaven-Piercing Pauldrons skin for Invoker
  8. Gabe Newell chat lines
  9. Hidden Vector skin set for Void Spirit
  10. Aghanim’s Roshan replacement skin
  11. Mirana Hero Persona bundle
  12. Shader Effect 2023
  13. Tormentor replacement skin

Most of the items are based on previously released items that are notable for one reason or another. The Bindings of Deep Magma set was the skin worn by Saahil “Universe” Arora for his iconic “$6 Million Echo Slam” during The International 2015, the Mirana Hero Persona commemorates the release of the DOTA: Dragon’s Blood animated series, and so on.

mirana hero persona dota 2

These items are distinct from previously released skins, however. The Heaven-Piercing Pauldrons and Alpine Stalker bundle have distinct “10th Anniversary” branding and a different color palette. That may or may not allow the expensive originals to retain their value.

The final two items are separate from this. The “Shader Effect 2023,” which is oddly the item for 2022, reskins the game to have a CRT TV effect. This is actually a pay-to-lose item as it reduces the field of vision while equipped. The actual item for 2023 is a replacement skin for the Tormentor neutral. Both of these are only available during the event.

Dota 2 Shader 2023

When does the Dota 2 10th Anniversary Celebration end?

The Dota 2 10th Anniversary Celebration event ends on September 7, 2023. That means that players have three weeks in order to collect as many treasures as possible.

That’s more than enough time for players to collect all 13 items, though players will have to block out some time in order to do so. There are no shortcuts to earning these items and they cannot be purchased. As such, players may need to do some grinding. More details on the event can be found on the official Dota 2 website.

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