Will Starfield have Creation Club paid mods? EULA leaks answer

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Certain Skyrim mods were paid additions to the game through the Creation Club, and it seems like this will also be the case with Starfield.

RPGs are fertile ground for modding, with the latest example being the crush of mods for Baldur’s Gate 3. Generally speaking, mods have been created out of passion and given away for free. This benefits players who can extend the lifespan of their favorite game, but it can also result in mod creation being a thankless process.

Bethesda introduced a middle-ground in Skyrim and Fallout 4 with the Creation Club. This paywalled some mods, but also gave some guarantees regarding their stability and quality. All signs point to this feature returning in Starfield.

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Will Creation Club come to Starfield?

Starfield will have the Creation Club, or a similar paid mod feature.

With Starfield’s time of release approaching, more details about the future of the game are coming out. Included in that is the end-user license agreement. EULAs can tease features or tools that are coming to an upcoming or recently released game. This was recently seen with Tekken 8, when a reference to a controversial anti-piracy engine was discovered in the agreement.

The Starfield EULA outlines terms related to virtual currency. Included in that is a specific reference to Creation Credits, the currency used in the Creation Club of previous games.

“Such terms and conditions apply to the Virtual Currency (if any) licensed to you for use with the Game. The ‘Creation Credits’ associated with this Game are ‘Virtual Currency’ and are subject to such terms and conditions,” the EULA reads.

Details about paid mods in Starfield are unclear at this time. It is unknown if the same Creation Club that was included in Fallout 4 and Skyrim will return, or if a new alternative is coming. The PC version of the Creation Club lets players share currency between both games. 

Starfield Title Screen

It is unknown when the Creation Club or a similar service will arrive in Starfield, or if it will be available on consoles. The game’s title screen was seemingly leaked and it made no mention of the Creation Club.

What is Bethesda’s Creation Club in Skyrim and Fallout 4?

The Creation Club is a digital storefront that sells mods using a proprietary virtual currency. It is available in Fallout 4 and Skyrim.

Free mods are still available in both games, but mods available through the Creation Club offer certain benefits. In addition to letting modders monetize their creations, Creation Club mods also go through a QA process that ensures they work, will continue working after future game updates, and are compatible with one another.

The drawback for most players is that this leads to many great mods being put behind a paywall.

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