Here’s how to check the money you’ve spent on Wuthering Waves

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Wuthering Waves is loaded with microtransactions that can really dig into one’s wallet, so players may want to keep a close eye on how much money they’ve spent in the game. 

While this open-world RPG is technically free-to-play with free sources of Astrites and other premium currencies, spending real cash is always the easiest path to take in gacha games. The developers know this too, and offer up a steady stream of new resonators and weapons to encourage spending. This is often seen as a worthwhile investment, particularly for defeating bosses and completing endgame content.

However, going on a spending spree can be concerning, especially if it’s beyond one’s budget. For those looking to monitor their spending and resist impulsively spending money on Wuthering Waves, there are ways to keep track of spending. Don’t expect any help from the game itself, though.

Can you check your purchase history in Wuthering Waves?

Wuthering Waves does not have a built-in method for checking purchase history.

Kuro Games doesn’t make it easy to track how much money players spend in the game, which is unfortunately standard among gacha games including Genshin Impact. There’s no word on whether there will be a direct way to see how much players have spent. It’s unlikely that one will come without being compelled to do so by a regulatory body.

Frugal players can take a deep breath, though. There are still ways to monitor how much money has been spent in Wuthering Waves through other means. You’ll need a calculator, though.

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Getting Resonators like Jinhsi can cost a lot.

How to know how much money you have spent on Wuthering Waves

Players can see how much they’ve spent in Wuthering Waves by going through their transaction history on their preferred digital storefront.

All a player needs to do is remember when they started playing, or at least when they started topping up. From there, it’s a matter of checking transaction histories for the Google Play Store or PlayStation Store. Players who top up directly through the official website will need to consult bank statements or transaction histories on services like PayPal. These transactions will be attached to “Kuro Games” or “Wuthering Waves.”

For the Google Play Store, players can tap the profile icon and go to “Payment and Subscriptions,” then “Budget and History.” They should add up everything they find on that page labeled “Wuthering Waves.”

Players who purchase Lunites and packs from Epic Games Store can visit the Epic Games transaction page to see a list of all purchases made on Wuthering Waves. Once Wuthering Waves arrives on PlayStation 5, the amount of money spent can be tracked through the “Transaction History” menu in the PlayStation Store.

Playstation 5 Transaction History
PlayStation 5 transaction history page.

Given how much impact five-star resonators and their weapons bring to a player, it is certainly tough not to swipe cards. Plus, with the banners being available only for a limited time, it’s easy to feel pressured into spending instead of earning Tides and Astrites from quests and exploring. This pattern can continue with every banner, however, which slowly adds up and puts a dent in one’s wallet.

But if players keep track of their spending by tallying their purchases, it might help them avoid splurging and manage their money better.

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