You can unlock Beetlejuice for free in MultiVersus, but it’s not easy

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Beetlejuice is one of the leaked characters in MultiVersus and while he’s still weeks away from release, data miners have effectively confirmed that he can be unlocked for free. But not easily.

Beetlejuice is making a comeback to the big screens in September 2024 in a hotly-anticipated sequel titled “Beetlejuice Beetlejuice.” It appears that he may be joining the current MultiVersus character roster around the same time in either August or September. The spooky trickster is part of a wave of new characters that also includes Agent Smith from the Matrix and the Powerpuff Girls. But his unlock method is set to be unique unique.

According to a MultiVersus data miner AusilMV on X, WB Games may not charge Gleamium or Fighter Currency for Beetlejuice. Instead, he may be unlocked the same way as the newly added Agent Smith, through Rift mode.

How to unlock Beetlejuice in MultiVersus?

Beetlejuice is an upcoming character in MultiVersus who is set to become playable two weeks ahead of the official release by grinding levels in Rift mode.

Rift is a PvE mode in MultiVersus that can be extremely challenging for new players trying out the game. Since, this mode can get sweaty, MultiVersus is allowing players to unlock some characters by grinding through levels instead of paying Gleamium or Fighter Currency in the shop.

This means that to get Beetlejuice, players must achieve a certain level in Rift mode. Upcoming Agent Smith can be unlocked at level 20, which players must beat 20 different bosses. Each boss win grants one level point, and currently, MultiVersus has five Rifts. So, level 20 is only achieved by replaying the same modes with different difficulties. Beetlejuice’s Rift level requirement is unknown, but it will likely be the same or more.

However, players will be glad to know that leakers have unearthed three new Rifts coming to the game. While it won’t necessarily make things simpler, it will certainly add variety by providing players with a total of eight different PvE Rifts to work their way through.

After unlocking Beetlejuice, players can start grinding toward an exclusive Beetlejuice skin variant, which may unlock at a higher level. While this approach may seem simpler than spending 1,000 Fighter Currency, it’s important to note that difficulty levels are not automatically accessible. To qualify for the level 20 grind, players need to upgrade all three types of gems individually.

How to buy Beetlejuice in MultiVersus

Players may have the option to buy Beetlejuice from the Fighters shop after he is officially released.

This will likely come after the two-week early access period, which can only be obtained by participating in Rift mode. The cost for Beetlejuice is currently unknown, but the character may cost the same 1,000 Fighter Currency as other characters in the game.

It’s worth noting that Joker costs 6,000 Fighter Currency or 1,250 Gleamium in MultiVersus, which means Beetlejuice’s final cost could vary as well, given the buzz surrounding this character.

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