The Matrix’s Agent Smith is in MultiVersus, but can you play him?

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MultiVersus gameplay footage of Agent Smith has surfaced and players are trying to figure out how to get their hands on the fighter. Unfortunately, they’ll be left disappointed for now.

Agent Smith was teased in MultiVersus’s official launch trailer alongside iconic horror villain Jason Voorhees. While Jason got a full marketing push with a gameplay trailer and a move set video, Agent Smith didn’t. The Matrix’s low-key antagonist has been quietly absent from MultiVersus and its promotional materials since his unveiling.

He’s definitely in the game right now, though. Gameplay footage is circulating on social media, and it’s not hard to see why Player First Games have shied away from releasing an Agent Smith trailer. The clips still let players get an idea of what’s in store for the fighter, whenever he arrives.

Is Agent Smith available in MultiVersus?

Agent Smith is confirmed to be in MultiVersus, but he is not available as a playable character.

At present, the fighter is in hidden files that aren’t normally accessible. This isn’t an unusual practice for video game developers. Games like Fortnite patch skins into the game long before they’re available for sale, while Pokemon Unite does the same with playable characters.

MultiVersus leaker AusilMV shared a video of Agent Smith in action on Twitter. In the video, it’s clear that some of the character’s animations aren’t as refined as those who are already released. For example, his grounded down attack doesn’t have the same flair as Wonder Woman’s down attack, and even his teleport isn’t as animated as Jason’s or Morty’s. The character is clearly a work-in-progress, which is also demonstrated by a complete lack of voice lines. Despite this, fans praised his move set and gameplay style.

His use of guns differentiates him from the roster aesthetically and stylistically. Another character, the PowerPuff Girls, was also teased in an earlier trailer but cannot be seen in the game yet.

How to get Agent Smith in MultiVersus

Agent Smith can be unlocked by beating Rifts in MultiVersus.

There’s an event going on in MultiVersus where players can unlock Agent Smith for free. Players who take part can get him two weeks early. This means that Agent Smith’s official release date in MultiVersus is targeted for mid-June.

Rifts are a set of PvE matches against fighters that are controlled by AI. Each fight has a number of challenges, with points being awarded based on the number of challenges completed. The more bosses the player defeats, the more progress they get toward unlocking Agent Smith. However, this only applies to the first time a player defeats a Rift boss. Defeating the Rift boss again in a different difficulty progresses the Agent Smith event.

While there’s excitement for Agent Smith, there’s less enthusiasm for this event. Some players are having second thoughts on whether they want to grind for it or just wait for the character’s release where they can just pay in-game currency. The good news is that doing so will give players a bit of Prestige that can be used toward exclusive skins.

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