Here’s what Prestige does in MultiVersus, and how to get it

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Prestige in MultiVersus is a new currency introduced in the game’s relaunch but how do players get it and what does it actually do?

MultiVersus’s official release came with new monetization systems that weren’t part of earlier builds. This is most apparent to players through the numerous currencies that got introduced. Each one has its own purpose, some of which are intuitive like Fighter Coins being used to buy fighters and Perk Points being used to unlock perks for fighters.

Among the newly introduced currencies is Prestige. This is a particularly important currency, as it’s the only one that allows players to buy unique items for characters including the “Variant” skins.

How to use Prestige in MultiVersus, and what it does

Players can use Prestige in MultiVersus’ in-game store to purchase skins for fighters.

The in-game store is where players can use all of their currencies from Fighter Coins to Prestige. The different currencies can be used in different subsections of the store. Naturally, players can use Prestige in the Prestige Store.

The Prestige Store contains skins and other items for different characters, with those skins exclusively available through purchase with Prestige. At launch, it contained variants for Joker and Harley Quinn, as well as a unique taunt for Garnet. It also has special cosmetic items like ring-out animations and announcer packs.

The Batman Who Laughs Joker
The Batman Who Laughs skin for the Joker

It is currently unclear whether the Prestige Store will only feature items for a limited time or if they’re permanently in it. Games like Fortnite rotate skins into and out of the in-game shop on a regular basis, making some comparatively rare. Other games like Pokemon Unite also do this, but often make limited-edition skins available through other in-game events.

How to get Prestige in MultiVersus

Prestige in MultiVersus can be earned after buying variants, emotes, ringouts, banners, and announcer packs from the Store.

The store in MultiVersus has a variety of items for the players to buy. However, most purchases use Gleamiums, which is MultiVersus’s paid currency. This means that players will need to pay real money to get Prestige in Multiversus.

Players do have an avenue toward grinding their way to Gleamium for free, though it’s a slow process.

Another way to earn Gleamiums is by leveling up the battle pass. Players are bound to encounter missions as they play MultiVersus, and these missions provide battle pass experience points. Earning Gleamiums this way is free, but it can be quite slow compared to just spending real money. Players who took part in MultiVersus’s previous beta might already have some on-hand, if they continue using the same account.

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