A Fortnite x Fall Guys collab is coming, here’s what it will bring

Ring Hexathlon minigame in Fall Guys

Leakers and data miners have uncovered evidence that Fortnite will collaborate with Fall Guys in an upcoming update, likely bringing two radically different battle royales together for one epic event.

The onslaught of updates from Fortnite hasn’t stopped in 2024. After Disney struck a deal with Epic Games, Fortnite has a guaranteed flow of guest characters for the foreseeable future. From another Star Wars event to more Marvel Comics characters, the Fortnite roster just keeps growing. Recent leaks suggest that this isn’t going to stop, and it’s not going to shrink down in scope.

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic, formerly under Devolver Digital, was acquired by Epic Games in 2021, a year after the title’s successful debut. Fans wonder what this collaboration brings to the Battle Royale table and data miners may have an answer.

What’s in the Fortnite x Fall Guys collab event?

Multiple leakers teased the Fortnite x Fall Guys collab will feature a new minigame based upon those of Fallout.

The collaboration will feature a Fall Guys-style obstacle course in Fortnite that players can enter as a minigame in Battle Royale. Fortnite is no stranger to mini-games. After all, Fortnite Creative allows players to create unique game modes and maps, many of which became very popular and been featured prominently in other events. However, the Fall Guys collab may hint at more mini-games within the official Fortnite space.

Files relating to “Pegwins” were also found and are likely to be the supply drop, given the illustration. As with any event, Fortnite will likely offer quest rewards for the collaboration. In response to the leaks, some fans have joked Fall Guys will eventually just turn into a game mode for Fortnite. 

Is Fall Guys worth playing in 2024?

Fall Guys still has a sizeable player base and receives regular updates, but the decline in popularity has affected the game to some degree.

Although some fans worried Fall Guys would fall off after the Epic Games acquisition, the game retained a significant chunk of its player base. Although the numbers have declined, legal reports from the developers state millions of players still play Fall Guys monthly. On top of regular updates collaborating with other IPs, Mediatonic proves the game still has legs even after its fad status has passed.

The trouble for Fall Guys arguably comes with the sheer number of competitors it’s facing. There’s been a regular churn of cooperative games that are propelled to popularity by streamers. Among Us gave way to Fall Guys and more recently have been games like Lethal Company and Content Warning. Alongside this are more direct competitors like Sega’s upcoming Fall Guys imitator based on Sonic the Hedgehog.

Fall Guys has likely cemented its place in the overall gaming landscape but still faces a tough road going forward.

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