Dr Disrespect says he declined $10 million Kick deal, here’s why

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Negotiations between Kick and Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm fizzled without a deal being signed, so what’s next for the popular YouTube streamer?

Kick has successfully been signing big-name streamers, which has resulted in a steady churn of controversy with a splash of actual crime. In the sea of unpartnered streamers, Dr Disrespect is easily the biggest fish, sitting at 4.71 million subscribers on YouTube and averaging 30,000 viewers on his livestreams. It made sense for Twitch’s rival to aim for him, but the platform has apparently failed to meet Dr Disrespect’s proposed salary.

The Two-Time says he received a massive offer from Kick. Talking to his fans on YouTube, he also disclosed his counter-offer and how he feels about Kick after these failed negotiations.

Dr Disrespect says he turned down $10 million offer from Kick

Dr Disrespect says he wanted $50 million to sign a partnership with Kick, and that the streaming platform wouldn’t match that figure.

“No hard feelings. I appreciate the $10 million per year offer, Kick. That’s what they offered, and I am very humble. But, the number’s $50 million. I am not budging from that one. $50 million and you get the Two Time,” Dr Disrespect said.

Despite failing to come to terms, he said that he has nothing but love for Kick. He’s just confident enough in his YouTube channel’s potential and his ability to create great content.

Kick head of strategic partnerships Andrew Santamaria previously discussed the hiccup in negotiations, confirming that the platform wouldn’t match his offer. He said that while Dr Disrespect is a great content creator, Kick needs to “ground things in reality.”

Though Dr Disrespect didn’t say what he’s making, turning down a $10 million offer is nothing to shrug off. The decision likely comes down to a number of different factors. Chief among them is that many advertisers and sponsors are unwilling to sponsor dedicated Kick streamers. Depending on the duration of the deal and other factors, a pivot to Kick might not be as lucrative for the Doc as staying put.

Is Dr Disrespect leaving YouTube?

Dr Disrespect is staying on YouTube for the time being.

In the same stream, the Two-Time indicated that he’s not moving to any other platform since he’s “pretty content” with the numbers on YouTube. Though Dr Disrespect discussing Kick shows that he’d head elsewhere for the right price, he’s not necessarily in a rush.

“We are just dominating here on YouTube. No one’s on the same level. The community’s too strong here. We are established, and numbers are outrageous. Nothing but love for Kick. I’m pretty content right now,” he said.

He made this statement in reference to his current viewing activity. 30 minutes into the stream, he reached 30,000 live viewers, which would have placed him among the top-10 streams on Twitch at that time if he had been streaming on the Amazon-owned platform.

It appears unlikely that Dr Disrespect will be seen on Kick anytime soon and a return to Twitch seems doubtful. However, he has big plans for his YouTube channel, which he believes is in its own league compared to other streamers. 

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Written by Fariha Bhatti

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