New Twitch rules on banned streamers may affect Dr Disrespect

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Twitch has again updated its rules, and this latest rules update could directly affect some of the most popular banned names in streaming, including Dr Disrespect.

The update specifically concerns the way Twitch handles the appearance of banned streamers on the platform. In the past, showing a banned streamer on a livestream could result in a ban for the person running that stream. Those rules are changing, and that could mean seeing more of Dr Disrespect and other banned streamers on the live platform.

Can banned streamers be shown on Twitch?

According to newly updated community guidelines, banned streamers can once again be show on Twitch during livestreams. This is a change from the previous guidelines which did not allow any appearances, live or prerecorded, by banned streamers.

This means that, for example, a streamer on Twitch could now show a clip from a Dr Disrespect stream that was broadcast elsewhere, or from the VOD of any other banned streamer, and react to it live without any fear of being banned or suspended from the platform. That’s a dramatic difference from the previous guidelines that could harshly punish such appearances.

On the flipside, it’s still against Twitch rules to allow a banned streamer to make a live appearance during a livestream, even if it’s not on their banned channel. Banned streamers cannot otherwise “participate” in those streams either, which likely eliminates the possibility of playing a game with a banned streamer even if they aren’t directly shown.

It’s also still against Twich rules to show clips of a banned streamer without any commentary or reaction. This will prevent recorded VODs from being played from streams conducted elsewhere, which could otherwise get around Twitch’s bans, albeit without any live interaction with viewers.

The rules should make it easier for streamers on Twitch to discuss community events and happenings in the livestreaming world even if they involve banned streamers. It will also make policing these instances a much easier and more straightforward process for Twitch.

So while you shouldn’t expect to see Dr Disrespect or his banned brethren streaming live on Twitch any time soon, you might just see his face and gameplay during another Twitch streamer’s broadcast in the near future.

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