Gears of War revived? Gears 6 may be revealed soon

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Fans of Xbox’s classic Gears of War franchise may finally have some news about Gears 6 over the summer.

The Gears of War franchise lies dormant despite being one of Xbox’s few major exclusive franchises, and possibly the only one that still enjoys general goodwill with Halo flailing in recent years. Since its debut in 2006, the Gears of War franchise has amassed over 40 million copies sold across multiple games and spin-offs. The latest entry, Gears 5, focused on a new protagonist, Kait Diaz, as she delved into the origins of the Locust Horde.

Gears 5 ended on a sequel hook, but it has been five years since gamers last saw Diaz and the Gears crew in 2019. Since then, Xbox has changed plenty, and fans wondered if Gears still has a place in the modern Xbox family. 

The summer of 2024 may finally enlighten Gears of War fans about the franchise’s future.

Reports suggest Gears 6 release date in the summer

Several reports claim that Xbox will share Gears 6 news sometime this summer with a likely June 9 release date.  On the Kinda Funny Xcast,  Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb claimed he “heard some stuff might be happening with Gears 6 this summer.” The Verge’s Tom Warren, a notable Microsoft correspondent, corroborated Grubb’s claims. All signs point to Xbox making some kind of announcement for Gears 6 in the coming months. 

Development studio The Coalition has kept its cards close to its chest as far as Gears 6 news is concerned. Gears of War creator Cliff “CliffyB” Bleszinski, who left Epic Games in 2012, hyped up Gears 6 in a since-deleted tweet after he asked a Gears 5 writer about its status. Reports also suggest that The Coalition canceled two unannounced projects to emphasize Gears 6. In addition to Gears 6 news, fans have also clamored for a remastered Gears of War collection.

Is there a remastered Gears of War Collection?

Xbox has not confirmed the existence of a Gears of War Collection or remasters of any kind.

On an episode of The Infinite Podcast, the hosts claimed the Gears Collection was still underway, though no further details are known. Some fans expressed concerns about the Gears Collection because of issues associated with Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Regardless, Gears fans will likely know more about the future of their favorite franchise in 2024. 

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