All that’s known about Gears 6, including release date estimates

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Gears 6 is one of the most anticipated games in Microsoft’s portfolio and while there hasn’t been much discussion or news regarding the game, fans are still excited about it.

Originally created by Epic Games under the direction of Cliff Bleszinski, the Gears of War series debuted on the Xbox 360 in 2006. The success of the original trilogy led to additional entries developed by studios such as People Can Fly and The Coalition, the latter being the franchise’s current custodian. The Coalition has maintained a cloak of secrecy surrounding the future of the Gears series after Gears 5, but it is known that the studio is working toward a major evolution within Microsoft’s flagship shooter franchise.

The Coalition previously announced its transition to next-generation development with Unreal Engine 5 in 2021. That same year, gamers got a glimpse of the engine’s impressive capabilities in the Matrix Awakens demo, which the Coalition helped develop. This demo has raised fan expectations for the upcoming mainline entry in the Gears series, Gears 6.

Will there be a Gears 6 game?

Gears 6 isn’t officially announced but there are reports that the game’s currently being developed and could be revealed soon.

Podcaster Colteastwood spoke recently about Gears 6 and said on X that the unveiling of Gears 6 is really close. He also mentioned in his recent video that insiders have reportedly seen a recent development build of Gears 6, which could indicate that the game is deep down into development and might be ready for a reveal. 

Previous speculation suggests that Gears 6 could feature a full open-world format, building on the foundation laid by Gears 5 with its vast open deserts connecting different locations and explorable interconnected maps and making use of the newfound power of Unreal Engine 5.

Cliff Bleszinski has previously stated that he’s open to consulting on Gears games that he’s not involved with, but apparently he’s not working on Gears 6 at the moment. A recent X post from him says that he’s open to getting back into Gears if the opportunity presents itself again.

When will Gears 6 be released?

Gears 6 reportedly isn’t close to release, with estimates and leaks suggesting a 2026 release date.

According to information seen on a Coalition-affiliated Artstation designer, the studio is currently working on an undisclosed project slated for release in 2026. Insider Jeff Grubb previously reported that The Coalition has canceled its smaller non-Gears projects to focus solely on Gears 6, suggesting that the lone significant focus for the studio is the long-awaited sequel.

Other rumors suggest that the Gears 6 reveal will be preceded by another collection of Gears of War games, commonly referred to by fans as the “Marcus Fenix Collection.” The rumor was first started by XboxEra co-host Nick Baker when he mentioned that Gears would get the Halo Master Chief Collection treatment at some point in the future. 

That was back in 2022 and nothing has happened in the year since. Fans may get an idea of what is coming and when before long, though.

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