Johnny Somali threatens to sue PewDiePie, here’s what happened

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Ramsey “Johnny Somali” Ismael has some choice words and is threatening to sue Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg over comments made regarding his deportation from Japan.

Former most-subscribed YouTuber PewDiePie uploaded a video on May 23 entitled “YouTubers are ruining Japan” in which he and his friend CinnamonToastKen talk about streamers that go to Japan and seemingly taking advantage of the country’s politeness. The video discussed various controversial, and sometimes illegal, incidents involving content creators. It also featured a video released by the Japanese police where they had a drill on how to deal with “nuisance streamers.” The drill video in question is now set to private.

Towards the end of the video, PewDiePie talks about Johnny Somali and the various antics he did during his stay in Japan. Johnny Somali did not take kindly to this, and responded in a series of tweets.

Is Johnny Somali suing PewDiePie?

Johnny Somali threatened to sue PewDiePie on social media, but it’s unclear whether legal action has been taken.

“Yeah so he got arrested, now he got deported, I don’t know if he’s banned for life or anything like that but I think it would be really difficult for him to enter again. Which is good. Get him out. I watched his channel and he barely has like any views,” PewDiePie said.

After PewDiePie uploaded the aforementioned video, Somali posted two tweets in response, saying that he doesn’t look up to PewDiePie and even calling for him to retire. Included in the tweet is a screenshot of an article written in 2017 talking about one of PewDiePie’s biggest controversies.

The article references an instance where PewDiePie used the N-word during a livestream. This was preceded a few months prior by YouTube video that included PewDiePie paying someone to make anti-semitic comments.

Was Johnny Somali deported from Japan?

It is unclear whether Johnny Somali was officially deported from Japan.

The streamer states he states he wasn’t permanently banned from Japan and that he wasn’t deported. Johnny Somali was arrested for trespassing in Japan. He was later convicted and fined for a separate incident where he played loud music at a restaurant against the wishes of staff. PewDiePie showed footage of both these incidents when discussing Johnny Somali.

More recently, Johnny Somali was arrested in Israel during a stream on charges related to sexually harassing an Israeli police officer. He was arrested again for defacing the Western Wall, a Holy Site in Israel, by hanging pictures of streamer Adin Ross, deceased sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, and convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein from it. The second arrest resulted in Somali receiving a 50-day ban in Jerusalem.

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