Hades 2: How to unlock and conquer the Chaos Trials

Chaos next to the pitch black stone in Hades 2

Hades 2 proved more difficult than its predecessor for many and once players unlock the Pitch-Black Stone, the Chaos Trials show how hard the game can get.

One of the many differences between Hades 1 and Hades 2 is how steep the difficulty curve can get. Although Hades 1 is no cakewalk, veteran players quickly found strategies that effectively shredded through runs in short order. Hades 2, with its multiple routes, more methodical gameplay, and harder-hitting bosses makes “shredding” a bit more difficult.

To add to the pile, Hades 2 introduces a new way for players to challenge themselves. In the training grounds lies an inert black stone. Once players figure out how to activate the mysterious obelisk, they will gain access to some of the toughest challenges in Hades 2, the Chaos Trials.

How to unlock the Pitch-Black Stone

To activate the Pitch-Black Stone, the player must talk to Chaos and receive the Abyssal Insight Incantation.

Much like Hades 1, the player must talk to Chaos multiple times before they offer information about the Abyssal Insight Incantation. Once given, the player must gather two Fate Fabrics, two Pearls, two Moly, and two Nightshade to activate the Pitch-Black Stone with the incantation.

Scylla Hades 2

The player can easily obtain Fate Fabric from the Shadow Broker for 60 bones. Pearls come from defeating the Oceanus boss, so brush up on how to beat Scylla and the Sirens.  Players can find Moly and Nightshade throughout Erebus, with Nightshade requiring a Silver Spade to harvest. Once the player has all the ingredients, they can go to the cauldron and chant the incantation. The Pitch-Black Stone will now be active.

Chaos Trials give the player a specific build and challenge them to finish a region using it. The Pitch-Black Stone unlocks new trials as the player progresses in the game, each more challenging than the last. Chaos Trials are the most effective way to farm Star Dust in Hades 2, so don’t forget to finish them regularly.

How to unlock more Chaos Trials in Hades 2

Players unlock more Chaos Trials by unlocking Keepsakes and Weapon Aspects.

Although the in-game menu for the Pitch-Black Stone doesn’t show it, there are dozens of unlockable Chaos Trials. However, the only way to unlock them is by obtaining keepsakes from NPCs and unlocking more Weapon Aspects

Players cannot repeat Chaos Trials for multiple rewards, so for players that need a lot of Star Dust, finding more keepsakes and Weapon Aspects is a must. As Hades 2 continues to get updates, Supergiant Games will likely add more Chaos Trials to the game. 

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