Helldivers 2 patch promises to fix PC issues, but will it work? 

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Helldivers 2 didn’t launch flawlessly on PC and subsequent updates have made matters worse, but a new patch focused on performance may help fix these issues. 

Helldivers 2 had a great launch, with thousands of players playing the game on both PC and PlayStation 5. The Sony-published game didn’t sail smoothly for long, though. There were plenty of snags along the way, especially on PC.

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The game received backlash and negative reviews on Steam when it made a PSN account mandatory to play. Thankfully, that decision was reversed, but the game remains unavailable in regions without the PSN. While the game is still receiving consistent updates from Arrowhead Game Studios, it’s facing a steep decline in its player count on PC. The latest update is focused on resolving Helldivers 2 PC issues, which might help turn things around.

Helldivers 2 PC performance patch release date

Arrowhead’s next major update for Helldivers 2 will look to implement major performance improvements for PC players.

In an X post, studio lead Shams Jorjani stated that “performance will be a focus” in the next Helldivers 2 patch. Jorjani posted a Tweet acknowledging his team’s recent absence on social media platforms and announced they would be more forward-facing moving forward. The CEO also said that the development team would be available to chat about the game. 

A commenter then directly asked Jorjani to address the recent PC performance issues. In reply, Jorjani simply stated that performance will be the focus of the next patch. He further stated that the team will “keep at it” regardless.

Helldivers 2‘s PC performance is measurably worsening with each patch, which is likely a factor in the game’s declining player count.

Players have noticed that while the game wasn’t running flawlessly at launch, each subsequent patch reduced or degraded PC performance. Some players report having to verify Helldivers 2’s file integrity after installing new patches on Steam. Many also have to reset the shader cache and face significant performance issues in certain zones. The game also uses an outdated upscaler, which reduces visual quality.

The developers are aware of the problems and are actively working on improving PC performance. Whether the next patch makes the game run like butter remains to be seen. Regardless, the company will be looking to turn things around.

Helldivers 2 enjoyed a splashy launch in February, averaging 274,304 players on Steam in the weeks following its launch. Since then, each month has seen the average player count dip between 20% and 54%. Per Steam Charts. Arrowhead has work ahead of it in terms of regaining the game’s peak form.

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