The most anticipated announced games for 2025

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As we head into the second half of another big year in gaming, many fans are already eagerly looking forward to the most anticipated games of 2025 and beyond. Several developers and publishers have given us a taste of what’s to come by announcing ambitious new projects slated for release in the coming year.

Here are five standout titles unveiled for 2025 that have already got players talking.

Path of Exile 2

Led by ARPG maestros Grinding Gear Games, Path of Exile 2 is set to build on the original’s cult success as a beloved hack-and-slash game. Being a direct sequel, POE2 introduces a new campaign, character sub-classes, a graphical overhaul, and a reworked support skill system. 

However, it stays faithful to the original POE with its deep customization options, addictive loot chase, and endless stream of leagues. For ARPG veterans hungry for the next iteration of this acclaimed franchise, POE2 will not likely disappoint.

For those unacquainted with Path of Exile, at its core lies a gameplay loop based around building up your character by finding better and rarer loot. POE 2 seeks to enhance these strengths while adding new features, such as its expanded skill trees and additional class ascendancies that offer more tactical choices against even more formidable foes. 

Meanwhile, an entirely revamped campaign will feature updated environments and continue the dark fantasy story set in Wraeclast, a world plagued by eternal night and inhabited by monsters. With Grinding Gear Games’ track record of producing exciting online games that involve a bit of chance and skill, there is no doubt that they will keep their most dedicated fans entertained well into 2025.

Doom: The Dark Ages

In 1993, id Software revolutionized the FPS genre with the original Doom. Now they’re taking demon-slaying action into a new environment with Doom: The Dark Ages. This time, players assume the role of an unnamed slayer of demons from medieval times who must fend off hordes of demonic creatures.

With gothic settings to traverse and an enigmatic plot to unravel, Dark Ages brings atmospheric horror into the established Doom gameplay formula of rapid violence. Its combination of history and hellfire should attract fresh converts and lapsed followers alike.

the doom slayer

Bringing the blood-soaked chaos of Doom to dimly lit corridors and foggy forests set ablaze by burning witch pyres presents ample opportunity for creating moody levels filled with terrifying enemy encounters. Picture towering Barons of Hell looming over humble peasant hamlets or pinky demons bursting forth from rotting church spires. It’s enough to send shivers down your spine. 

The psychological undercurrents of irrational fear-mongering prevalent during that era provide a compelling narrative backdrop against which the player can uncover some dark secrets. With id Software’s trademark of shooting mechanics supported by fresh creative freedom, Doom: The Dark Ages looks like one great game coming our way in 2025.

South of Midnight

South of Midnight is a third-person action-adventure game developed by Compulsion Games. This game takes its cues from South American legends and creates a creepy, reality-blurring world. 

The protagonist is a young man trapped in a dense jungle that conceals many secrets and perils. South of Midnight offers deep immersion through atmospheric storytelling combined with exploration and supernatural elements that must be dealt with when traversing across vast interconnecting regions.

While not yet as well-known as some of the other titles listed here, there’s little doubt that by the time its release is upon us, South of Midnight will stand out among the most anticipated games in 2025.


Since Fable III was released in 2010, this Lionhead Studios series has been dormant. However, Playground Games, best known for the Forza Horizon franchise, now intends to reimagine this light-hearted RPG saga for modern platforms under their banner. 

British humor remains intact alongside open-world adventuring, while the visuals are updated to fit next-gen standards. New quests will be added, and character customization will return, allowing players a great many options in the game.

Fable's protagonist faces a giant toad

As an action RPG that combined irreverent humor and choice-driven outcomes, Fabl” has continued to be beloved for its unique charms. In remaking what was so special about those first three games while streamlining outdated mechanics, Playground Games hopes to remind players why they fell in love with this series to begin with and to provide a fresh experience set against more detailed backdrops thanks to modern hardware capabilities. 

Clockwork Revolution

InXile Entertainment is known for its unique CRPGs, such as Wasteland 2 and Torment: Tides of Numenera. Its next game occurs in the 19th century during an industrial revolution powered by clockwork machinery. Players can choose between playing as either a rogue investigator or a noble inquisitor tasked with uncovering a conspiracy among wealthy industrialists. 

The world design draws heavily on gothic punk aesthetics while its story reflects contemporary political intrigue. Depending on choices made, multiple factions are vying for control over powerful weapons that can tip the balance toward good or evil. 

With Wasteland 2 and Torment showing off InXile’s talent for moral complexity in RPGs, this steampunk setting should provide them an excellent opportunity to do so again in what promises to be a strong 2025 RPG release.

These and other titles are among the most anticipated games of 2025. Judging by how they’re already looking, it’s no surprise that many players and fans can hardly wait for their release dates to arrive.

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Written by Jose Tellez

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