How to get Lunites and top up in Wuthering Waves on PC, mobile

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Wuthering Waves offers players in-game purchases, but getting a Lunites top-up might be confusing and players might not be certain whether the advertised subscription is worth it.

Wuthering Waves relies on “pulls” for new playable characters and weapons they can use. While getting free Astrite simply by playing the game is possible, some players might want to speed up the process. Getting Lunite and purchasing more pulls is critical, as rerolling in Wuthering Waves is a nightmare.

But for whatever reason, mobile game developers never make this easy. Digging through menus is part of the experience, even if the logical approach for developers should be to let players spend money now and think about it later.

How to top up Wuthering Waves Lunites on PC and mobile

Wuthering Waves sells Lunites as the in-game currency. Lunites can be exchanged for Astrite (1:1 ratio) or used to purchase tides. Astrite can be freely obtained, but Lunites are much harder to come by. Tides allow players to obtain new characters and weapons in Wuthering Waves, which is essential for progressing in the game. 

With the game available on both mobile and PC, players can top up Wuthering Waves accounts in two different ways. The process is straightforward, but players will need to take very different approaches based on their platform.

How to top up Wuthering Waves on mobile phones

Mobile players can top up easily. Those playing on their phone ultimately just need to find their way to the store through the menu. Here’s where to find the shop, and how to purchase Lunites on mobile devices:

  1. Launch the game and log in to your preferred server
  2. Press the top left icon, and enter the pause menu
  3. From there, select “Store” to get inside the shop
  4. Select the bundle, item, or currency you want to buy
  5. Proceed to checkout and approve payment

Here’s a step-by-step guide with screenshots, for those who are still having trouble:

  • wuthering waves top-up on mobile
    Step 1- Open up the menu

How to top up Wuthering Waves on PC

Alongside getting items directly through the Wuthering Waves game client, PC players can also top up on Lunites through the game’s official website. The process for buying items through the game is the same on PC as it is on mobile. Buying through the website is different, however. Here’s the step-by-step for doing so:

  1. Go to the Kurogame-service website 
  2. Log into your account and select your preferred server
  3. Select the item you want to purchase and enter payment information
  4. Proceed to checkout, and you’ll receive the items in your game

Is the Lunite Subscription worth it in Wuthering Waves?

A Lunite subscription is worth the money for those who plan on playing the game regularly.

Getting a subscription is an excellent way to keep Astrite flowing. The pass is fairly cheap considering the price of direct currency purchases and nets 300 Lunites and 90 Astrites daily for 30 days, totaling 2,700 Astrites in a month.

Players can use the Astrites to purchase tides and pull new characters or weapons. The subscription is the cheapest way to gain more Astrite by logging in daily. While not a huge amount, it’s enough to have about 16 pulls. 

Bundles in the Wuthering Waves store

Wuthering Waves bundles offer both easy access to items as well as boosts to EXP at a lower price than buying them individually.

The Traveller’s EXP Aid bundle gives Basic experience points to level up faster. It’s not a significant amount of experience but could be helpful in a pinch, especially in the early game. The Sage’s EXP Support bundle is the same idea but offers even more of an EXP boost.

Alongside the EXP-focused bundles are others that help with specific facets of progressing in the game. These offer items both for getting more pulls as well as Shell Credits for character ascensions and raising fortes.

Wuthering Waves Bundles

There are many limited-time bundles as well, but these four are seemingly positioned to be staples of the shop moving forward:

  • Traveller’s EXP Aid
    • 8 x Advanced Resonance Potions giving 8000 Resonator EXP each
    • 4 x Advanced Energy Cores netting 8,000 Weapon EXP each
    • 24,000 Shell Credits to spend in the in-world stores
  • Sage’s EXP Support
    • 60 x Advanced Resonance Potions giving 8000 Resonator EXP each
    • 35 x Advanced Energy Cores netting 8,000 Weapon EXP each
    • 150,000 Shell Credits to spend in the in-world stores
  • Gardener’s Aid – The package comes with:
    • 12 x Pioneer Association Advanced Supply lets players claim one advanced material for weapon breakthrough or a skill upgrade.
    • 18,000 Shell Credits
  • Blake Bloom’s Data Aid
    • 150 x Premium Tuner, a device used for tuning 5-Star Echoes, unlocks one sub-attribute.
    • 4 x Premium Sealed Tube netting 5,000 Premium Echo EXP each
    • 50,000 Shell Credits
wuthering waves website store

Does Wuthering Waves have a first-time bonus?

The first top-up will yield double Lunites.

This double payout is limited to just the first purchase of each price tier. Players can purchase the smallest tier of 60 Lunites and receive 120 for the first time.

While players who have played other gacha games or mobile games more generally might expect more, that’s not the case here. Wuthering Waves’ only first-time bonus only applies to a top-up for Lunites, so players don’t necessarily need to feel compelled to splurge for their first transactions.

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