All the materials for Yinlin’s acensions, fortes in Wuthering Waves

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Getting Yinlin ascension and forte materials is fairly easy in Wuthering Waves, and it’s a good thing to do even before pulling her.

After her release, Yinlin is expected to be one of the best secondary DPS characters in the game and her kit looks strong enough that she’ll stay that way for some time. Because of that, stocking up on Yinlin’s leveling materials is a great idea. Even if players don’t get her on the first run, she’ll likely appear on multiple banners in the future so there’s always a chance to get her.

Her leveling materials are straightforward and aren’t difficult to obtain. Additionally, nearly every item has multiple ways that they can be farmed.

All ascension materials needed for Yinlin in Wuthering Waves

To reach level 80, Yinlin needs 170,000 Shell Credits, 60 Coriolus, 46 Group Abomination Tacet Cores, 4 LF Whisperin Core, 12 MF Whisperin Core, 12 HF Whisperin Core, and 4 FF Whisperin Core. Some of these materials are also required for improving Yinlin’s fortes.

These materials are split across six different ascensions. Here’s the full breakdown for what Yinlin needs to ascend, and when she needs them:

  • Ascension 1 (Level 20): 5,000 Shell Credits, 4 LF Whisperin Core
  • Ascension 2 (Level 40): 10,000 Shell Credits, 4 Coriolus, 3 Group Abomination Tacet Cores, 4 MF Whisperin Core
  • Ascension 3 (Level 50): 15,000 Shell Credits, 8 Coriolus, 6 Group Abomination Tacet Cores, 8 MF Whisperin Core
  • Ascension 4 (Level 60): 20,000 Shell Credits, 12 Coriolus, 9 Group Abomination Tacet Cores, 4 HF Whisperin Core
  • Ascension 5 (Level 70): 40,000 Shell Credits, 16 Coriolus, 12 Group Abomination Tacet Cores, 8 HF Whisperin Core
  • Ascension 6 (Level 80): 80,000 Shell Credits, 20 Coriolus, 16 Group Abomination Tacet Cores, 4 FF Whisperin Core

Shell Credits are one of the easiest items to get. They’re given as rewards at nearly every turn, but players can farm them at the Simulation Training area in Jinzhou with Waveplates. 

Coriolus is a bit harder to find, but players can buy them at the Shifang Pharmacy with the right currency. Luckily, they can also be found in the wild. Two common farming places for Coriolus are Contemplator’s Cliff and Giant Banyan.

Players can get Group Abomination Tacet Cores by defeating the Mech Abomination. This boss is in the Court of Savantae Ruins, although players need to complete a bit of story and some exploration quests to get here.

Finally, players will need to collect an assortment of Whisperin Cores materials for each one of Yinlin’s ascensions. Players get these by defeating certain Echoes or by synthesizing them. However, synthesizing them requires you to have the lower class. The hierarchy of Whisperin Cores is LF, MF, HF, and FF. The level of Whisperin Cores that drop depends on the SOL3 Phase Rank of the world. Luckily, tracking these enemies is easy to do by going to the Guidebook and selecting Echo Hunting on the left side.

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Yinlin forte materials, an exhaustive list

Players will also need Whisperin Cores to level up Yinlin’s fortes, which upgrade her ability’s power and give her more passive stats. A lot of different branches can be upgraded, which makes singling them out difficult.

Here’s everything she needs across the board for her Fortes:

  • 25 Lento Helix
  • 28 Adagio Helix
  • 55 Andante Helix
  • 67 Presto Helix
  • 25 LF Whisperin Core
  • 28 MF Whisperin Core
  • 40 HF Whisperin Core
  • 57 FF Whisperin Core
  • 26 Dreamless Feather
  • Over 20 million Shell Credits

While players might have their eyes pop out from this list, it’s nothing to stress over. These are the materials needed to bring Yinlin’s fortes to their maximum level. It’s a lot, but it’s also end-game content.

Players can farm Helixes at the Forgery Challenge: Misty Forest or Synthesized. This does require Waveplates, and can get rather pricey over time. 

Dreamless Feathers are obtained from the weekly boss, Dreamless. To take this boss on, players have to complete nearly all of the main story quests in Wuthering Waves.

Getting all of Yinlin’s materials isn’t difficult for dedicated Wuthering Waves players, it just costs a lot of Waveplates. Luckily, Wuthering Waves gave players a lot of Crystal Solvent, which is used to obtain Waveplates, to help speed up the process. 

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