Here’s the release date & time for Yinlin’s Wuthering Waves banner

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With Wuthering Waves now live and operational, many fans want to know the release date and time for Yinlin’s banner and how to get the limited-time character.

Wuthering Waves was released to a generally favorable reception despite various graphical and technical issues. Having similar gacha mechanics to Genshin Impact, the game’s launch was accompanied by the start of Jiyan, the first limited-time banner character that players could roll for and either acquire or lose 50/50.

Beta players will be familiar with Yinlin, who is meant to headline the next limited-time banner. With minor changes to the character’s banner release date, some fans wonder when they can start rolling for the former Jinzhou Patroller. Here’s the Yinlin banner release date and how to get her.

Wuthering Waves’ Yinlin banner release date and time confirmed

Yinlin’s limited-time banner release date is June 5 at 10 pm ET, 7 pm PT, or June 6 at 3 am BST.

Yinlin’s banner called “When Thunder Pours” was previously set to come out on June 12, 2024. However, Kuro Games moved Wuthering Waves version 1.1’s release date forward and shortened the runtime of version 1.0. Therefore, Yinlin’s release date was adjusted align her window of availability with the duration of the patch.

When Thunder Pours Wuthering Waves banner

The When Thunder Pours banner is headlined by Yinlin but other characters have increased drop rates too. Players will have increased chances of acquiring 4-star characters Aalto, Yuanwu, and Taoqi with every roll on the banner.

Not getting Yinlin through this banner doesn’t mean she’ll go away permanently. As gacha games tend to repeat banners, Yinlin’s banner will likely come around again so players get another shot at getting her.

How to get Yinlin Wuthering Waves

Yinlin can be acquired in Wuthering Waves by rolling for her limited-time event character banner using the Radiant Tide currency.

Getting Yinlin in Wuthering Waves

As soon as the banner is available, players can go to the game’s Convene page to see how much time is left for the banner and the characters that have increased drop rates. The bottom of the page allows players to pull a single time using one Radiant Tide or 10 at once using 10 Radiant Tides. Astrites are used to purchase additional Radiant Tides, similar to Primogems in Genshin Impact.

Players are guaranteed a 5-star character within 80 pulls thanks to the pity system. However, if the player acquired a 5-star event character before it, there’s a 50% chance of getting someone from the standard pool instead of Yinlin.

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