Elden Ring DLC: Here’s how many bosses there are to defeat

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FromSoftware games are known for their epic boss battles and while Elden Ring had more than its fair share, the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is set to add many more to the equation.

Content creators and media members have headed to the Land of Shadows and all agree on one thing; bosses are both a joy and demoralizing to fight against. The newest expansion from FromSoftware adds a slew of new demons to slay and areas to conquer. Players can test their skills in a frontier that’s set to be even more dense than what’s already in the base game.

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FromSoftware has a long history of making exceptional DLC and expansions for its games. The Ringed City from Dark Souls 3 has incredibly well-crafted boss fights across two wildly varied areas. Some fans considered the Old Hunters expansion from Bloodborne a smaller sequel to the PlayStation 4 exclusive. Shadow of the Erdtree aims to dethrone all of FromSoft’s previous expansions and take the crown of being the biggest and the best one yet.

How many bosses are in the Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC?

There are 10 major boss fights in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree along with many more field bosses.

Many of these bosses have already been shown off in the trailers for the DLC. Some were alluded to in the base game, but the majority of them are completely new creations unlike anything seen in the Lands Between. Fans get a taste of this immediately.

The first boss players will encounter is the Devine Beast Dancing Lion, prominently featured in the trailer. The boss is being called the FromSoftware’s traditional early-game skill check. The boss is unlike anything seen in the base game, which Miyazaki cited as a demonstration of the segregation between the Lands Between and the Land of Shadow.

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Alongside these new bosses are two new demigods. Messmer the Impaler uses fire-based AOE attacks and has a snake accompanying him. He’s said to effectively be the new Malenia, standing as a uniquely difficult opponent. Miquella the Unalloyed, a background character in the original game, will debut in the expansion. While it’s uncertain whether they will actually be a boss, this was hinted at in the first Elden Ring DLC trailer.

Elden Ring DLC’s new level-up system

A new level-up system will prevent seasoned Elden Ring players from muscling through Shadow of the Erdtree’s many bosses.

Shadow of the Erdtree introduces Scadutree Fragments. These items give the player a flat boost to damage dealt and defense. This serves as a character reset and will force players to earn their way through every fight.

The Lands Between is similar in size to Limgrave, Weeping Peninsula, and a bit of Caelid. The expansion map is smaller than the base game but is packed with fights. Torrent, the trusty steed players had in the base game, seemingly won’t have the chance to go for a long ride with the Tarnished. The expansion is estimated to be 30 to 40 hours long, depending on the playstyle.

The expansion also expands the player’s arsenal, with around 100 new weapons. There are eight brand-new weapon types to experiment with including a major addition to unarmed combat and throwable weapons. As expected, players will have the opportunity to bring DLC weapons to the base game after acquiring them.

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