Get a 1st look at Miquella and find out the Elden Ring DLC story

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FromSoftware just dropped the Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree story trailer, and fans are abuzz with anticipation for the DLC once again.

Elden Ring quickly rose to become FromSoftware’s biggest Souls-related game. With over 23 million units sold, it is indisputably the most successful FromSoftware title to date. Fans knew then that DLC was inevitable for the game, and FromSoftware confirmed as much here.

Shadow of the Erdtree will launch on June 21, 2024, and fans already know quite a bit about the DLC. The initial trailer showcased some of Shadow of the Erdtree’s bosses and a “reset” for the player character in Elden Ring to prevent players from cruising through it with over-leveled stats. Still, the most awaited reveal for many fans is the story details of Shadow of the Erdtree. The recent reveal showcased just what fans wanted from the latest Elden Ring DLC.

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC trailer reveals story

Shadow of the Erdtree will focus on the demigod Messmer and what was seemingly a war against Miquella.

The story trailer re-establishes Messmer as the ultimate big bad for the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, and he immediately looks terrifying. The backstory for Messmer shows him leading a campaign for Marika against the Land of Shadow, a campaign that Miquella seemingly rallies against. In the ensuing conflict, Messmer commits mass genocide, showcasing his sinister power.

The DLC will see the Tarnished visit this area that was scorched by Messmer, but remains home to peoples separate from the Golden Order of the Lands Between. While the story trailer strongly hints that Miquella was a hero who stood up against the brutality of Messmer, that might not be the case. The DLC’s reveal trailer suggests that the people don’t love Miquella by choice, but are instead compelled to.

Messmer the Impaler in Shadow of the Erdtree story trailer for Elden Ring

The trip to the Land of Shadows is set to be players’ final jaunt through this installment of Elden Ring.

Although Elden Ring series director Hidetaka Miyazaki doesn’t “want to make any decisive statements” about Elden Ring’s future DLC, he has consistently indicated that Shadow of the Erdtree will be the game’s only DLC expansion. Miyazaki considers Shadow of the Erdtree a huge milestone for Elden Ring’s story, implying some finality to its lore.

Regardless of Elden Ring’s future, there is no doubt FromSoftware will use the game as a measuring stick for future titles. In many ways, Elden Ring was an evolution of the Soulslike formula, but the studio is always full of surprises. Either way, Shadow of the Erdtree looks to remind fans why they loved Elden Ring in the first place. 

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