Elden Ring DLC: A spoiler-free breakdown of everything it’s adding

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Many Elden Ring players are in the position of wanting to know what’s being added in Shadow of the Erdtree without having the whole DLC spoiled. We’ll deal with the spoilers so you don’t have to.

As soon as Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree hands-on previews started circulating, much of the content was laid bare. While the DLC was revealed years ago, little has been formally revealed. Despite that, Elden Ring’s popularity and FromSoftware’s track record of great DLCs have kept excitement high.

While some fans plan to jump on the Shadow of the Erdtree hype train blind, others want to know what the DLC brings. But they don’t want to know too much. to the table. Here’s a breakdown of what’s coming to the game without ruining anyone’s enjoyment.

Everything that’s being added in the Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC

The Elden Ring DLC is set to add a new area to explore alongside new weapons and tools that can be used in the Land of Shadows or the base game.

There will be well over two years between Elden Ring’s release date and the launch of DLC. FromSoftware wasn’t taking things easy during that time, though. The developer put together a DLC that adds a significant amount of new territory to explore.

Here’s a summary of everything that’s going to be added by the Elden Ring DLC:

  • The new Land of Shadow region
  • 10 major bosses
  • Additional field bosses and optional bosses
  • New level-up system
  • New enemies
  • Over 100 new weapons
  • Eight new weapon types
  • New spells, incantations, and Ashes of War

The DLC takes players to a brand-new region, the Land of Shadow. It’s unique relative to other areas of Elden Ring, in that it has varied scenery. While a place like Caelid only ranges from “red and on fire” to “red and swampy,” the Land of Shadow goes from open fields to dense forests to cities.

The size of the Land of Shadow is relatively small. Miyazaki himself compared its size to Limgrave, while others have said it’s a bit bigger than Limgrave and the Weeping Peninsula combined. Regardless of which is true, the Elden Ring DLC is set to be incredibly dense. Even with the most flexible definition of “major boss,” Limgrave and the Weeping Peninsula only had a handful.

Shadow Realm Blessing forces players to take their time with Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Players won’t be able to just blast their way through the Land of Shadow.

The Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC introduces a new level-up system called Shadow Realm Blessing. This system uses Scadutree Fragments to give players a boost to their damage dealt and damage negation. Though a character might be strong in the Lands Between, they’re effectively reset after heading to this new area. Similar to Golden Seeds in the base game, the amount needed for the next level of buff increases after subsequent use.

Past Soulsborne DLCs were generally challenging, but players who were over-leveled had a major advantage. Shadow of the Erdtree offers no such opportunity. Scadutree Fragments offer no perks outside of the Land of Shadow, so players will effectively have two separate level-up systems to juggle.

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