Twitch is raising subscription prices; find out when, where, and why

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Twitch is raising the prices of subscriptions in 2024 and users are unhappy with the upcoming change. 

Twitch isn’t off to a great start in 2024. Alongside the usual roundup of controversial bans, controversial non-bans, and interpersonal drama, the boardroom celebrated the new year by laying off over 500 employees. This came after it laid off 400 employees in March 2023. It also had to drop its planned revenue cap after content creators expressed outrage at the profit split compared to other platforms.

Even with the cancellation of the revenue cap, it didn’t stop some high-profile creators from leaving the platform. Imane “Pokimane” Anys, currently one of the most popular streamers, left Twitch in January 2024 and cited a toxic culture and lack of opportunities as primary reasons for leaving. Now, Twitch is making another controversial announcement.  

Will Twitch raise subscription prices in 2024?

Twitch will raise the prices of subscription plans in Australia, Canada, and the UK, with the United States to follow later in the year. These changes will be implemented March 28 and more markets will likely follow.

In an interview with Twitch community head Mary Kish, Twitch CMO Mike Minton answered affirmatively to a question about Twitch raising subscription plan prices for 2024, particularly in the United States.

Twitch announced on its blog that Australia, Canada, and the UK would see a price increase in Tier 1 subs. Meanwhile, all three tiers of subscriptions in Turkey significantly raised, four times as much in most cases. In Turkey’s case, this is likely a result of the country’s currency going on a downward trend. Digital PC game retailer Steam also raised prices for the country in November 2023. 

Why is Twitch raising subscription prices?

Twitch raising subscription prices likely stems from the company continuing to lose money, something the CEO acknowledged earlier this year.

In a Q&A stream after the company laid off 35% of its workforce, Twitch CEO Dan Clancy admitted that the platform is losing money. He states “Amazon has been extremely supportive of Twitch,” signifying that Amazon currently operates Twitch at a loss. Clancy also states that the company is “larger than it needs to be” for its size, which could hint at more layoffs in the future.

In addition to the 400 people Twitch laid off in March 2023, the company announced it would end operations in South Korea in December 2023, citing the country’s high operation costs. This has forced streamers to either get creative or move to a different country to continue their careers.

Raising subscription prices passes the operational costs onto consumers and is potentially also designed to steer more people toward Twitch Turbo. Twitch Turbo offers viewers the ability to go completely ad-free across all channels, with Twitch receiving 100% of the money. This lets Twitch cut streamers out of the transaction entirely, something the company has been moving toward for some time now.

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