Dylan Burns reveals reason for Twitch ban, when is he returning?

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Streamer Dylan Burns has been handed a ban from Twitch in what fans are calling another instance of selective implementation of the platform’s rules and guidelines.

Dylan Burns, also known as DylanBurnsTV, is a politics-focused Twitch streamer who frequently discusses world events. He reports from Ukraine and when he’s at his desk, he’ll react to relevant videos. Unfortunately, he’ll be taking a break from this for a time.

Although Twitch has not made any comments on the situation, which is the norm for the Amazon-owned platform, Burns posted a tweet seemingly confirming the reason for his ban and it has reignited an ongoing conversation about whether Twitch gives preferential treatment to some creators.

Why was DylanBurnsTV banned from Twitch?

Dylan Burns stated that his ban from Twitch stems from his broadcasting of a political debate between the banned streamer Steven “Destiny” Bonnell and Ben Shapiro.

Destiny is a former Twitch streamer who was indefinitely banned in 2022 for hateful conduct. He recently had a two-hour debate regarding topics like Israel and Ukraine with right-wing influencer Ben Shapiro which, was published on other social media platforms.

Dylan reacted to the debate in a livestream, apparently prompting Twitch to ban DylanBurnsTV for “ban evasion.” Broadcasting content on Twitch that was created by someone who is currently banned from the platform is against the site’s community guidelines.

His ban has sparked controversy because other streamers like MikefromPA and the popular political streamer Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker reacted to the same debate on their streams without any consequences. Twitch has historically been inconsistent with enforcing its rules, with big-name streamers either avoiding punishment or receiving lighter punishments than people with smaller followings. While these frustrations are often pointed toward women for Twitch’s attire guidelines, streamers like Turner “Tfue” Tenney have received no punishment for using racial slurs on-air.

Fans are questioning whether Twitch’s inconsistent implementation of its guidelines stems from treatment that favors big-name streamers. This is also another notable ban that specifically targets those who affiliate themselves with Melina Goransson, Destiny’s wife, was seemingly banned for aiding ban evasion.

Did Dylan Burns get a permanent ban from Twitch?

Dylan Burns indicated that his ban from Twitch is not permanent, but it is unclear when he will return.

When talking about his Twitch ban on X, Dylan Burns stated that he is “suspended on Twitch,” suggesting that he isn’t permanently banned from the platform. The streamer previously received a ban in May 2023, which was lifted after two days, and this instance might be similar. Dylan’s YouTube channel is de-monetized but he continues to broadcast there and he has been active on there during his ban.

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