Riot just made League of Legends’ Event Pass even worse

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Mere months after the last controversial change, the League of Legends Event Pass has been nerfed and fans are not pleased about it

Riot Games continues to be mired in controversy at the start of 2024. The year kicked off with the company laying off 530 people, roughly 11% of its total workforce. 2023 saw over 9,000 layoffs in the video game industry and Riot continued the trend in 2024 alongside companies like Microsoft and Google. 

Don’t expect any kind of in-game effort to curry favor with fans over it, though. The latest event pass brought changes that have angered longtime League of Legends fans. Despite Riot Games acknowledging its controversial Winterblessed event pass for lacking rewards, the upcoming Heavenscale event pass looks will see history repeat itself. 

What is in the League of Legends Heavenscale event pass?

Riot Games will remove an additional grab bag from the upcoming Heavenscale event pass.

Riot Games removed two lucky bags, but a “Heavenscale capsule” was added to replace the lost bag.  Even so, the final result is one less grab bag than was expected by fans for the Heavenscale event pass.  During the Winterblessed event, Riot Games’ senior design lead on competitive gameplay Jordan Checkman responded to fan frustration on social media. 

He claimed that what was dubbed as a “nerf” was actually a “value transfer.” The response was not positive, with Checkman acknowledging a desire for more and better grab bags. Unfortunately, it appears it seems like Riot reacted to this by taking them away and hoping fans would simply forget about them.

Is the League of Legends Heavenscale event pass worth it?

The Heavenscale event pass, in its current state, may not be worth it for fans who want more grab bags.

Many League of Legends fans saving their RP now question if the event pass is worth the investment. One particularly contentious element of the event pass is Skin Shards. While other live multiplayer games with a similar battle pass system such as Apex Legends offer the skins directly, League of Legends gives players Skin Shards that need to be activated with the Orange Essence in-game currency, which is difficult to farm except for trading in Skin Shards.

The extra step to get what they want is dissuading players from picking up the next event pass. Although Riot Games will have the support of its most loyal fans, more casual players may be second-guessing where their wallet goes.

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