Twitch changes in 2024 include more ads and higher sub prices

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Twitch CEO Dan Clancy has released an open letter to the streaming community that has fans concerned about the livestreaming platform’s future.

Twitch’s 2024 is off to a bad start. On top of the usual problems around streamer controversies and industry layoffs, the platform also saw the exit of one of its most lucrative streaming partners, Imane “Pokimane” Anys. Furthering user concerns with the platform is Twitch’s decision to raise subscription prices in some countries.

CEO Dan Clancy noted during a Q&A stream that despite Amazon’s acquisition and changes to the company’s business strategy, Twitch still loses money overall, and the entire business operates at a loss. Clancy also said Twitch was “larger than it needs to be,” hinting at more layoffs in the future. With all that bad news in mind, Clancy then released an open letter to clarify the platform’s future. 

What changes are coming to Twitch in 2024?

Twitch will raise more sub prices, support more ads, and rework the Twitch mobile app in 2024.  The open letter focused on streamers and content creators instead of Twitch audience members. Improvements to the platform’s clip editor, enhanced social media integration, and beta tests for the Stream Together feature were among the new additions in line for streamers.

Twitch also plans to add features similar to Meta’s Reels as part of its mobile app overhaul.

What concerned fans most about the letter is the confirmation that Twitch will raise prices on subs in even more regions than previously announced. Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom saw these changes earlier in 2024. On top of the raised sub prices, Twitch also added support for more ads, though Clancy claims the new features will “make the ads experience less disruptive.” 

Fans felt the open letter failed to address several issues with Twitch. Twitch did not acknowledge long-awaited features such as an improved video player and enhanced bitrate. Any new incentive for subs was seemingly left intentionally vague, with only promises of milestone rewards and new interactions for using the cheering function that is powered by the bits currency. 

All of this leads Twitch audiences to wonder if the platform is worth staying on.

Are there streaming alternatives to Twitch?

YouTube and Kick are currently Twitch’s biggest streaming competitors. Popular streamer Ludwig Anders Ahgren famously signed an exclusive contract to stream only on YouTube, and other Twitch streamers are slowly integrating into the YouTube Live space.

Controversial streamers like Félix “xQc” Lengyel and Adin Ross have signed contracts with the Kick streaming platform.

Despite these defections, Twitch remains the industry leader in livestreaming around gaming. But there’s no guarantee that it will remain in the pole position if it continues to upset its users.

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Written by Gab Hernandez

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