Valorant crossplay details revealed for console, mobile versions

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New strings in Valorant’s files finally answer whether the upcoming Valorant PC, mobile, and console versions, including whether the game will have crossplay.

Riot Games previously announced that its popular FPS game Valorant would be coming to mobile devices as the first step in expanding the Valorant universe. Job postings also suggested that the game would receive console ports and that the playtest would start as early as 2024. However, there wasn’t information on whether these would have crossplay capabilities with each other.

A Valorant data miner found new strings in the game’s files that finally answered whether fans playing Valorant mobile could play with console or desktop players. However, there is some confusion about the crossplay capabilities of the desktop and console versions.

Valorant PC, mobile, and crossplay details uncovered in data mine

Data mines show that crossplay will come to Valorant across consoles, PC, and mobile, but it’s unclear how comprehensive this will be and which platforms will have crossplay with one another. It’s also unknown if this feature will be available during any beta or playtesting periods, at the official launch, or sometime after.

The mined code strongly suggests that Valorant crossplay will initially be limited to those on similar platforms. Linux, Mac, and Windows devices will be able to join in on Valorant games together and those playing Valorant Mobile on Android and iOS can party up. The consoles will initially be segregated from one another as well, with Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation hardware all separate from one another.

The code does explicitly include lines related to crossplay, however. This suggests that it will be added to the game at some point, though it’s unclear what form it might come in. While Valorant’s console version could get crossplay with the PC version, the option may be for casual modes and not the competitive mode, similar to Overwatch 2.

It’s unknown whether Valorant Mobile will get crossplay with either the console or desktop versions of the game. Titles like Apex Legends Mobile and League of Legends: Wild Rift are effectively separate from the PC versions and if this is the case with Valorant, the mobile games may not have any form of crossplay. That said, Fortnite has comprehensive crossplay potential, with players on a phone, PC, and console all able to join up. It’s possible that Valorant could allow for the same thing if the mobile version is kept similar to the PC version.

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Which platforms will Valorant be released for?

Mined data suggests Valorant will be playable on the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox, alongside the previously announced Valorant Mobile and existing PC game.

The only consoles mentioned by name in the code are the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch, which means Nintendo fans won’t be missing out. What the code doesn’t mention is whether it will receive a native PlayStation 5 version, or whether the plan is instead to release the game on the upcoming Switch 2. A PlayStation 4 release would allow PS5 players to enjoy the game but without the extra features offered by the newer hardware.

The code mentions Xbox, but it doesn’t specify an exact console. It’s a safe assumption that the game will be playable on Xbox Series X/S consoles, but it’s unclear whether Xbox One or cloud gaming through Game Pass will be supported. A PlayStation 4 release suggests the Xbox One console could handle the game but numerous major releases have landed on PS4 while passing on Xbox One, including Street Fighter 6, Resident Evil 4, and Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection. That makes it unclear whether Valorant will be playable on Xbox One.

Riot has been very busy recently, with Valorant ports coming soon, a new Arcane season releasing in late 2024, and Project L under development. With so many projects under construction, 2024 might be one of Riot’s busiest years.

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