Japan’s biggest news outlet has release date for Nintendo Switch 2

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A recent report from Japanese news outlet Nikkei has provided more insight into the anticipated debut of the Nintendo Switch 2, which was previously predicted to come out in 2025.

Known for its innovative hybrid design that blends home console gaming with portability, the Nintendo Switch has been a resounding success since its launch in 2017. With its unique features and extensive library of games, the console has quickly become a favorite among gamers around the world and has sold more than 140 million units according to Nintendo’s latest Q4 2023 earning report. 

Gamers are now wondering what Nintendo has in store for the future and how the upcoming Nintendo Switch console, which many are dubbing the Switch 2, will be different from its predecessor. There have been various rumors and reports about the release date and specs, and now Nikkei has weighed in with a report.

When is the Nintendo Switch 2 coming out?

The Nintendo Switch 2 is reportedly coming out in March 2025. Japanese news site Nikkei has published a report stating that March 2025 is the targeted release window for the next-gen console. It also mentions that the console is expected to be both a home and portable console, and to have a larger screen than the original Switch with a size of around 6.2 inches for the standard model. Moreover, the report claims the Switch 2 will handle games with higher resolution image quality than its predecessor.

According to Nikkei, the Switch 2 was originally set to launch in 2024, but was delayed as Nintendo prioritized securing a strong initial inventory of the successor consoles as well as a robust lineup of titles plus measures to counter scalpers. With the original Switch in 2017, there was a shortage of hardware that led to scalping. The existence of only three exclusive titles at the time only made things worse for Nintendo.

“As the company hopes to avoid such a situation this time, the launch of the Switch’s successor could be further pushed back, depending on the progress in establishing production capability and developing key titles that affect initial sales,” Nikkei’s report say. It adds that Nintendo has plans to expand the sales of the Switch 2 by other means that will utilize their game characters and movies, but Nintendo didn’t comment on what could that exactly mean.


It was previously reported that the delay was to ensure gamers had access to a good selection of first-party games as well as third-party games for the Switch 2 launch, such as the upcoming Jet Set Radio Reboot and even potentially Grand Theft Auto 6. There is also speculation about Pokemon Black and White sequels or remakes releasing at some point this or next year, and it’s possible that these hypothetical games might drop on the Nintendo Switch 2 as well.

The mention of the “standard model” in the Nikkei article suggests that other Switch 2 models are being planned for release. A well-known leaker named SoldierDelta claimed months ago that the Nintendo Switch 2 will be released in two different versions: a standard model and a digital-only model. They also claimed at the time that Nintendo would be bringing back the AR functionality from the 3DS in some form, and that the Switch 2 might have a camera. Nintendo has yet to confirm any of this information, and it has not made clear when it’s going to officially reveal the Switch 2.

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