Bloodborne-inspired Nightmare Kart is off to the races, is it good?

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Nightmare Kart began as an April Fool’s Day joke but the game formerly known as Bloodborne Kart is now doing great on Steam, garnering positive reviews rapidly. 

Lilith Walther, also known as PSX Bunlith, was already well-known for making demakes of new video games. After releasing Bloodborne PSX, a demake that took the PlayStation 4 title and turned it into something that could run on PlayStation 1, she released the trailer for Bloodborne Kart. Taking the dark and grim characters from the original game and throwing them into a kart racer captured everyone’s attention.

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Seeing positive responses from gamers, Walther officially announced that she was officially working on Bloodborne Kart and starting production. After Sony contacted her, the developer had to change the name to Nightmare Kart and overhaul the characters to make them distinct from the FromSoftware classic. The game is finally out, and everyone is having a great time on Steam. 

Nightmare Kart gets very good reviews after its release

The PlayStation 1-styled Kart racing game has achieved a Steam user rating of “Overwhelmingly Positive,” with 98% of the players giving it a thumbs-up.

With no signs of an official PC Bloodborne port or Bloodborne 2, PC gamers will have to settle for a rock-solid kart racer set in a legally distinct and definitely “not the same due to legal reasons” universe. That’s not a bad thing, though. The completely, definitely original characters are great for this unique racing game. The game takes players through dimly lit gothic streets, letting them drift around corners and blast other racers. 

Almost 1,100 players gave the game a positive rating within the first day of its release. Many reviews praise how well the game handles and how the developer understood the basics of a good kart racer. On its launch, the game also hit a peak player count of over 1,300, but positive word of mouth is spreading fast. According to PSX Bunlith, Nightmare Kart hit over 200,000 downloads and there’s no sign of it slowing down.

Is Nightmare Kart free to play?

Nightmare Kart is free to download and play on Steam and doesn’t have any in-game store or microtransactions.

The free kart racing game has 12 unique vehicles for players to try out. Weapons litter the streets for the racers to use against opponents. Doing tricks and drifting gives Aether Boost, which is handy for overtaking other racers. If anyone has played Mario Kart, they’ll be home in Nightmare Kart. Soulsborne fans are getting Elden Ring DLC and Nightmare Kart in one month; they’ll eat well.  

Nightmare Kart also offers split-screen local multiplayer on PC. Unlike Walther’s previous game, Nightmare Kart is a full-fledged release. There are 15 tracks, 21 racers, and a campaign mode with boss fights.

A free, mechanically well-done, and polished game? No wonder Nightmare Kart is doing so well on Steam.

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Written by Bilawal Bashir

Bilawal is a software engineer who loves video games, comic books, and anime. But he will never love pineapple on pizza. In over two decades of gaming, he has only broken two controllers. His work has also been featured by TheGamer and WhatIfGaming.

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