Bloodborne Kart is coming soon, find out its release date and price

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The release date of Bloodborne Kart, albeit under the rebranded “Nightmare Kart” name, is coming soon and fans will be able to play it soon. If they know where to find it

While Bloodborne Kart was originally an April Fools’ joke in 2021, it quickly grew into a proper project. When developer Lilith Walther, also known as PSX Bunlith, announced the horror-themed racing game would be released in 2024, fans of the Bloodborne games celebrated. Sony did not. 

The company’s legal team reached out regarding Bloodborne Kart, requesting she remove the Bloodborne name and any characters or imagery associated with the game. This is despite Sony seemingly abandoning the beloved game.

Lilith complied, stating she was not surprised, but it did cause a delay in the game’s release. Now Bloodborne Kart has been announced anew under the title Nightmare Kart, with a new release date, racers, features, and soundtrack.

What happened to Bloodborne Kart?

Bloodborne Kart was rebranded to Nightmare Kart due to legal action from Sony.

The game is a throwback to PS1-style kart racer games like Mario Kart, with characters, cars, and maps that pay tribute to Bloodborne. While Nightmare Kart was originally slated to feature 12 racers and 16 maps, the delay gave the creator time to add even more to the game. The Nightmare Kart roster now includes 20 racers and 16 maps. Additionally, Nightmare Kart will feature a split-screen VS Battle mode, split-screen multiplayer, and a full campaign mode.

While the Bloodborne inspiration is still clear, the game has a new coat of paint, with redesigns for each character to make them distinct while maintaining the overall theme and style.

Along with the game announcement, composer Evelyn Lark shared the title screen theme. Like the rest of the game, the soundtrack is an affectionate blend of classic kart racing themes and musical motifs inspired by Bloodborne:

While Sony has requested Nightmare Kart not use the Bloodborne name or imagery, it also hasn’t done anything with the game. There are currently no plans for a port, remake, sequel, or literally anything else using the Bloodborne name. This is despite the game being a proven commercial success. Even without the Bloodborne name, Nightmare Kart is the closest thing to a new Bloodborne game fans are going to see for a long while.

Nightmare Kart release date, platforms, and price confirmed

Bloodborne fans can continue the dream as Nightmare Kart will be released on May 31, 2024 on Steam and

Players can add the game to their wishlists on Steam and get it as soon as it launches. As an added bonus, Nightmare is completely free, so players with a limited budget won’t have to wait for a sale.

While the game was originally slated for a January 2024 release, the rebranding necessitated a delay. Fans are optimistic that it will be worth the wait, and they’ll be able to start their engines by the end of the month.

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