We now know exactly how much money Bloodborne made

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The Insomniac Games leak unearthed a massive amount of top-secret PlayStation business information and among that are exact sales figures for games like Bloodborne, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and more.

Cyberattacks have become increasingly common in the gaming industry. Many are leaks specific to a single game or piece of technology, like Grand Theft Auto 6 or Nvidia’s DLSS. Others are broader in nature.

In the case of Insomniac Games, terabytes upon terabytes of data came out about the company and its parent company. This ranged from a playable build of the upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine game to the personal information of employees. Also included in that were many of PlayStation’s business secrets including what it values in new releases and long-term release plans.

Several months removed from the original leak, new information keeps coming out. The latest discovery is arguably the biggest, with digital sales figures for every first-party PlayStation title, ever, including what is likely confirmation of the highest-selling game in company history.

How much money did Bloodborne make?

Bloodborne made $83,593,360 from digital sales as of June 2023, according to spreadsheets reportedly discovered in the Insomniac Games leak. This does not include physical sales of the game.

This was posted on the Reset Era forums by user Red Kong XIX. The spreadsheet is seemingly comprehensive, including everything from modern games to digital-only titles for the PSP. Bloodborne stands as the 15th-best-selling game on digital storefronts in PlayStation history.

While Bloodborne is a critical hit, it wasn’t entirely clear how successful it was commercially. The fact that it made upwards of $83 million in digital sales alone suggests that it comfortably cleared the nine-figure mark, and makes the uncertainty surrounding the game’s future even more baffling.

Demons Souls Remake

Not too far behind Bloodborne is its adopted sister title, the Demon’s Souls remake. The title ranks at 25 with $51.8 million in digital sales. Demon’s Souls may be able to exceed the digital sales of Bloodborne over time as the PlayStation 5 user base grows and as digital purchases continue to become the standard.

What is the highest-selling PlayStation game ever?

Marvel’s Spider-Man is the highest-selling PlayStation game ever, in terms of revenue generated by digital sales.

The 2018 title made over $315 million as of June 2023. Even more impressive is that Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the fourth-highest-selling title, made over $231 million while Spider-Man Remastered made around $10 million. This means the Spider-Man franchise made over $550 million before Spider-Man 2 launched.

Snuggled between the two Spider-Man titles are God of War Ragnarok at $279 million in second place and The Last of Us 2 in third at $242 million. 

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