All Rise of the Ronin release date, platform, and exclusivity details

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Ghost of Tsushima is seemingly set to meet Elden Ring in Rise of the Ronin, and the game’s release date, platforms, and story have been confirmed.

Initially teased at PlayStation’s September 2022 State of Play event in September 2022, Rise of the Ronin has quietly been a game to look forward to. 2023 has been a hectic time for video games but there’s no questioning what Team Ninja is capable of, as the studio behind the Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive series.

The studio is seemingly looking to take a page out of FromSoftware’s playbook. In the same way that FromSoftware pivoted from Dark Souls to Elden Ring, Team Ninja is looking to do the same by going from Nioh to Rise of the Ronin.

What is Rise of the Ronin?

Rise of the Ronin is an open-world action RPG set in the heavily romanticized period of late-1800s Japan. The game is developed by Team Ninja and expands upon its Soulslike series, Nioh.

While the story itself will be fictional and the combat is fantastical, it’s set against the backdrop of the Boshin War will play major roles in the narrative. The player’s character will be an eponymous Ronin, a wandering samurai without ties to a master or clan.

The game has Nioh’s hack-and-slash core but will expand upon it by bringing the gameplay to an open world. As Team Ninja’s first open-world game, players can expect to freely roam Edo-era Kyoto and Yokohama, and the vast open spaces connecting those major cities. Horseback riding is set to be a big part of traversing the environment, and players will have access to gliders and grappling hooks for vertical movement in cities.

It’s hard not to draw comparisons between this game and Elden Ring. While that might be unfair given the success of Elden Ring, there’s proven to be an eternal hunger for Soulslike games that this could fill.

Setting the game apart from Elden Ring is a greater emphasis on story and a level of player agency to affect it. Rise of the Ronin will give players dialog choices that can change the path of the narrative. An array of weaponry and different fighting styles will be available, as well as a variety of firearms specific to that era. 

Rise of the Ronin story details

Rise of the Ronin takes place in the 19th century during the waning years of the Edo period, which was defined by brewing tensions between the western-influenced Tokugawa Shogunate and an alliance of traditionalist clans. In real-life history, this conflict leads to the Boshin War.

This period of history has served as the backdrop for many notable pieces of historical fiction, ranging from The Last Samurai to Rurouni Kenshin. Despite being tied to real history, the game still has plenty of over-the-top action.

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Rise of the Ronin platforms and release date

Rise of the Ronin is set for release on March 22, 2024 for the PlayStation 5. Just like Death Stranding 2, there’s no mention of any other console or the PC getting a release. For the time being, it’s set to be a true PlayStation 5 exclusive.

Given that Sony Interactive Entertainment is the game’s publisher, it’s doubtful that Rise of the Ronin will be released on Xbox consoles or Nintendo Switch. It has also been officially confirmed that Rise of the Ronin will not be on PlayStation 4.

Judging by previous Team Ninja releases that were initially exclusive to PlayStation consoles, such as Nioh and Nioh 2, there is a possibility that the game could be released on Windows PC at a later date. Second-party titles like Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Final Fantasy 16 have seen PC releases after a period of exclusivity and that could be the case here.

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Rise of the Ronin Deluxe Edition version differences, pre-order bonuses

Rise of the Ronin is confirmed to have a standard version and a Deluxe Edition. No special collector’s edition or anything of the sort has been announced.

Rise of the Ronin Deluxe Edition is currently set to be digital-only and includes the base game alongside these extras:

  • Digital soundtrack
  • Digital artbook
  • Bando Warrior armor set
  • Iga Ninja’s staff
  • Japanese formal wear set
  • Toyokuni paired swords

The game also has several in-game items available as pre-order bonuses:

  • Iga Ninja armor set
  • Iga Ninja katana
  • Hayabusa-ryu combat style for katana
  • Hayabusa-ryu combat style for Naginata
  • Nioh-ryu combat style for Katana
  • Aisu Kage-ryu combat style for Katana

It is unknown whether these items and combat styles can be obtained in the game normally, or if they are exclusively available as a pre-order bonus. Pre-order bonuses are also typically available after release as DLC, which will likely be the case here.

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