Uncharted 1 might be getting a remake, here’s what’s happening

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A top-to-bottom remake of the first game in the Uncharted series, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, might be in development.

The last few years for Naughty Dog have been defined by games that haven’t been made, with the studio nixing The Last of Us Online and then shipping multiple remakes and remasters of previous games in the Uncharted and The Last of Us rather than something new. That may be continuing for a bit longer, with reports that the PlayStation 3 classic Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune might be getting overhauled.

This comes from Nick Baker and John Clarke of the XboxEra podcast, fresh off revealing the State of Play event date and many of the games therein. The last new Uncharted game was 2017’s Uncharted 4: The Lost Legacy, after which only the Legacy of Thieves Collection came out. A remake of the game that kicked off Nathan Drake’s journey could familiarize a new generation of gamers with the franchise’s roots.

Is Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune getting a remake?

Neither PlayStation nor Naughty Dog have given any indication that Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is getting a modern remake. However, there are reports that ground-up remake of the game is in the works.

Baker and Clarke both stated that they received information about the apparent Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune remake “independently” while also seeing “evidence” confirming the project. It’s currently unsure what that said evidence was, although it might have been art or early-built gameplay. Baker added that while there isn’t any guarantee that the Drake’s Fortune remake will come to fruition, the project is “being very strongly considered.”

A fresh coat of paint on the first installment of the series makes sense for PlayStation and Sony as a whole. From a gameplay and quality-of-life perspective, the first Uncharted doesn’t hold up nearly as well as its successors. Its cutscene animations and voice acting remain strong, but the graphics and gameplay lag behind those of Uncharted 2. Couple this with the success of the Uncharted film from 2022 and a fresh look at the series debut makes sense.

Which studio is making the Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune remake?

It is unclear which studio would work on a remake of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

Naughty Dog previously announced it is working on a brand-new IP, making it likely that a different studio will develop the Drake’s Fortune remake. Baker stated that the information he has “doesn’t indicate” who might work on the remake. The original creators at Naughty Dog, the Nathan Drake Collection’s Bluepoint Games, or another studio entirely could wind up with the project.

Ultimately, the project is still in the discussion phase so it’s not guaranteed to be greenlit. It’s also unclear when it may be released, so fans looking to revisit Drake’s original adventure any time soon will need to check out The Nathan Drake Collection.

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