Here’s why there’s drama between Braxophone, Atsu, and Tectone

atsu vs tectone

The Genshin Impact content creation sphere has been rocked with “drama” involving the streamers and YouTubers Tectone, Braxophone, Enviosity, and AsianGuyStream, also known as Atsu.

Interpersonal disputes spilling out into the public sphere is standard fare on Twitch. There have been epic blowouts between big names over a variety of different issues, whether it’s minor disputes or actual criminal accusations. The latest example mostly falls into the former category, but involves many of the biggest names in Genshin Impact.

What started as accusations against Atsu spiraled into something bigger, with Tectone voicing his support of Braxophone only to be accused of bullying himself. Here’s the full breakdown of who said what, and where all of this started.

Genshin Impact content creator Atsu says Tectone hates the game

The drama involving Atsu, Tectone, and Enviosity stems from infighting related to negativity regarding Genshin Impact and accusations of people being paid by HoYoverse in exchange for positive coverage

All of this seemingly sparked over a relatively innocuous tweet from Zy0x juxtaposing the reactions to Genshin Impact patch 4.4, including Tectone who voiced frustration with it. This spun off into a lengthy discussion among fans regarding Genshin Impact streamers and YouTubers and their toxic positivity or reflexive negativity regarding the game. This included Tectone accusing Genshin Impact content creators of being paid for positive coverage by publisher HoYoverse.

On February 1, Atsu criticized Tectone on Twitter and suggested that he hates the game and was steering into negativity in order to keep fans engaged. The tweet ends with a paragraph saying Tectone is “being manipulated” by “a guidemaker that bears a personal grudge against [Atsu].”

Braxophone accuses Atsu of gatekeeping, manipulating Genshin Impact streamers and YouTubers

This odd sign-off was seemingly referencing Braxophone, who responded on Twitter.

According to Braxophone, Atsu engaged in a yearslong effort to undermine his ability to attend events that are either organized by or affiliated with staff from Genshin Impact developer HoYoverse. He states that he’s unclear where any animosity came from but cites an awkward first meeting between the two. He cites a series of screenshotted text messages where Atsu says that Braxophone was overly aggressive in trying to befriend him, that he had no interest in becoming friends, but that they weren’t on bad terms.

Following these messages, Braxophone says he discovered that others in the Genshin Impact YouTube and streaming space were being warned that he is untrustworthy.

“Throughout all of that time, exclusive meetups, get-togethers, parties, and more would happen. From 2021 to now, they happen at every con, and at random Hoyoverse events…Naturally, I wondered why I was excluded, did some more digging, and found out that I was explicitly blacklisted from those events…Almost every one of my friends in attendance…And some of them were told specifically NOT to let me know they are happening,” Braxophone said.

Braxophone says that this was part of a general “gatekeeping” effort by Atsu to keep him from becoming associated with other notable figures close to the developers. He also claims that Atsu endears himself to up-and-coming streamers and leverages his contact with HoYoverse in order to exercise a degree of control over content creation surrounding Genshin Impact.

The discussion regarding Tectone, Braxophone, and Atsu escalated beyond “drama” from there, though. Braxophone claimed that Atsu pressured others to cover up an instance of sexual harassment or assault at one of these events.

“At one of the parties, a specific creator that he may or may not want to protect caused a LOT of trouble for both Atsu and some of the girls at the party…Everyone is being told to shut the fuck up about it and not talk about what happened,” Braxophone claims.

He closed saying that he was frustrated with Atsu’s seemingly inexplicable hatred of him and that he had tried in vain to try and resolve this by finding intermediaries. Braxophone says the situation “destroyed [his] mental health and relationships with plenty of people.” Tectone later voiced his support for Braxophone on Twitter.

Atsu criticizes Braxophone for leaking Vtuber’s face, outing victim

Atsu stated that he was persistently followed by Brax, but denied trying to undermine his career. Atsu seemingly acknowledged the veracity of the posted DMs, but stated it was actually Braxophone that was causing drama between their mutual acquaintances by saying there was a grudge and that he was acting “obsessive” and like a “stalker.”

Atsu criticized Brax’s constant discussion of metrics and suggested that the initial attempts to befriend him were attempts to “climb the ladder” by associating himself with content creators with larger followings.

He also criticized the contents of Braxophone’s post. This included him posting a group photo that included the Vtuber Saki whose real face was unknown to that point. Saki stated on Twitter that Braxophone did not respect her wishes regarding her identity.

Atsu also blasted Braxophone for discussing the alleged sexual harassment, with the implication that this was against the victim’s wishes.

Dm Of Atsu And Braxophone

“That is the victim’s place to talk about it, not yours. The fact you are weaponizing someone else’s trauma to attack my character and your self-admitted source are rumors, makes me utterly repulsed,” Atsu said.

As part of this, Atsu also posted a series of DMs between himself and Braxophone with what seem to be a discussion over how to approach contract negotiations with HoYoverse.

Tectone accused of bullying by Enviosity, adding to Atsu-Braxophone drama

Enviosity accused Tectone of bullying, mobilizing fans to unfollow them, and being the source of their PTSD after Tectone’s on-stream response to Braxophone’s posts.

According to Enviosity, Tectone engaged in a pattern of one-upmanship and bullying that he claimed was just “friendly banter.” This included clips they say were actually traumatic due to their fear of Tectone and his audience. Alongside this are clips from Twitch of Atsu discussing Tectone talking about Enviosity behind their back.

As part of this, Enviosity brought up the infamous clip of a dispute between Tectone and his now-ex wife which starts after he told her that he “carries” their marriage. Enviosity later showed a screenshot that suggests they received permission from Tectone’s ex-wife to publish the clip.

Tectone responded on Twitter by saying Enviosity is “incredibly sensitive to everything” and that Enviosity actually mobilized fans against him, with Genshin Impact free-to-players criticizing him for spending money on the game.

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