Info leaked on next Naughty Dog Game, is it Uncharted or TLOU?

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Uncharted and The Last of Us fans may need to wait a while for a new game, as Naughty Dog work is reportedly working on a new IP for its next game.

Naughty Dog has made many fan-favorite games including Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Daxter, and The Last of Us. The news that Naughty Dog was dropping the development of a live-service multiplayer game in The Last of Us Online has fans wondering what will come next from the developer. A  new clue on LinkedIn from a Naughty Dog story artist suggests big things are coming from the studio, possibly at the cost of new The Last of Us or Uncharted games.

While many fans celebrated the cancelation of The Last of Us Online, it will see the series put on the shelf for longer than was planned. The timetable for new games in Naughty Dog’s most iconic series hasn’t necessarily been adjusted though, as there are indications from staff that it’s working on a separate project for its next game.

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When will a new Uncharted or The Last of Us game be released?

There is no indication regarding when a new Uncharted or The Last of Us game could come out.

Naughty Dog has released no more than one game per year since its inception in 1984. In recent years, those releases have been even more sporadic. The studio hasn’t released a new game since 2020’s The Last of Us Part 2. Its three releases since then have been re-releases or ports of existing The Last of Us and Uncharted games. Some key members of the staff have helped with creating The Last of Us TV series.

When announcing the cancelation of The Last of Us Online on the Naughty Dog Blog, the studio said it has “more than one new IP” in the works. If all of these projects come to fruition, it could be some time before Nathan Drake, Joel, or Ellie get more time in the spotlight. Nothing has been confirmed by Naughty Dog regarding what fans can expect from its current IPs, but any new title will likely draw fans in again.

What is Naughty Dog’s next game?

Naughty Dog is working on a new IP that has not yet been publicly revealed.

Colin Lorimer, story artist for Naughty Dog games and The Last of Us TV series, gave fans an unintended update on the company IP. Lorimer’s LinkedIn profile mentions his work on “developing [Naughty Dog’s] latest IP.” The wording effectively confirms that something new is in the works.

With Naughty Dog working on this other project, the only other possibility for those hoping for a new Uncharted or The Last of Us game would be another studio taking on the series. While this might sound odd, Uncharted: Golden Abyss for the PS Vita was developed by another studio and received generally strong reviews.

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