Are MCU games going to make a comeback? Here’s what we know

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Marvel moved away from movie tie-in games long ago, but it might be cutting out the middleman before long by expanding the MCU through video games.

The comic book giant once pushed for video games that launched next to its movies for maximum marketing impact. While a few did alright, most were panned by critics and often landed in the bargain bin right after launch. Sega’s Iron Man and Thor: God of Thunder were dragged for having imprecise controls, linear levels, and uninspired combat. 

Marvel tie-in games quickly got a negative reputation, and the company eventually divorced the MCU from video games. Marvel games these days are not tethered to a movie and are generally well-regarded by critics and fans. Games like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was a Game of the Year contender in 2023, while others like Marvel’s Midnight Suns and The Guardians of the Galaxy game were also critically successful.

While these games have been standalone affairs, that might not be the norm moving forward. Alex P from the Cosmic Circus, reports that Marvel is working on an “MCU Adjacent Video Game”, leading to speculation about what’s to come.

Will the X-Men get an MCU video game?

The X-Men may be the most likely candidates to receive a video game adaptation tied into the MCU.

With the popularity of the new X-Men ’97 show, Marvel could prepare a video game to bring X-Men back into the limelight right in time for the MCU debut. 

The X-Men Legends and Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypse were long held among the best games based on licensed properties. Unfortunately, the games have largely been lost to time due to rights issues. Now that the rights to the characters are back with Marvel, the company might be looking for ways to reintroduce them to the mainstream gaming audience.

The sticking point with this is that two of the most identifiable X-Men, Wolverine and Jean Grey, are licensed for Insomniac’s upcoming game. It’s unclear whether an MCU-adjacent X-Men video game could include the characters, or if it would simply not include them.

Is Marvel making a Deadpool and Wolverine game?

There is no word on a Deadpool and Wolverine video game.

This news comes a few months ahead of the launch of the upcoming Deadpool and Wolverine movie, which will be released in July 2024. However, there is no indication that this unspecified film will tie into the movie.

Deadpool received a standalone videogame in 2013 made by High Moon Studios and published by Activision. Meanwhile, Marvel’s Wolverine is in development by Insomniac Games, which made the critically acclaimed Spider-Man games.

The chances of Marvel clashing two Wolverine games are slim to none. However, an MCU-adjacent Deadpool game could be in the works.

Marvel is also keen on making mobile games. Marvel Snap is doing great, and Marvel Future Fight is also receiving updates. A mobile game wouldn’t need months of marketing like a full console release and could easily tie in with the movie. Nothing is confirmed by Marvel yet, so it is just speculation sprouting from a Tweet right now. 

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