Are Deadpool and Wolverine, X-Men ’97 skins coming to Fortnite?

deadpool and wolverine

All signs point to a big round of Marvel Comics-themed collaborations coming to Fortnite, including potential skins based on X-Men ’97 and the Deadpool and Wolverine film.

Epic Games’ Fornite regularly introduces characters from other franchises. The game is no stranger to collaborating with Marvel Comics, especially close to a major MCU release. There are plenty of Marvel-themed skins in Fortnite, from Ant-Man to Spider-Man and from Wolverine to Mystique.

Sometimes, the game also offers gameplay-changing mechanics with Marvel events. The Thanos event introduced the titular villain land with the Infinity Gauntlet, a powerful object that could be obtained in the game as loot. Similarly, Spider-Man bought the ability to swing around the map as the wall-crawler. Gladiator Hulk and Hela also made an appearance around a month ago but there are no signs of things slowing down heading into Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

Will Deadpool and Wolverine come in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3?

Deadpool and Wolverine skins are already available in Fortnite, but the game could host a mini-event featuring new skins for Season 3

According to FN Assist, the next Fortnite season is gearing up for more collaborations and could hold a mini-event for Season 4. Season 4 is already being called a Marvel season in Fortnite circles. They also suggested that the next collab is expected to be revealed or teased in the upcoming Season 3 trailer. 

Fortnite has been getting increasingly Marvel-happy over time. The whole Guardians of the Galaxy roster was added to the game, as was an expansion to the skin line based on the Loki series on Disney Plus.

A Marvel Studios movie featuring Deadpool and Wolverine is set to hit theatres on July 26, 2024. Wolverine and Deadpool have both appeared in Fortnite previously and the characters are well-suited to the game. Promoting the film through Fortnite seems like a no-brainer, but the question is whether the skins would be brand-new or re-runs of the existing skins.

Are X-Men ’97 coming to Fortnite?

With the wild success of the new season of X-Men ’97, there’s a chance Fortnite could welcome more mutants to the game

The new season has soared to great heights and is being called one of the best Marvel productions in recent years. Many of the X-Men are already in the game. Wolverine, Rogue, Cable, Gambit, X-23, Domino, Mystique, Scarlet Witch, and more are already available in the Battle Royale title. Many prominent members like Cyclops and Jean Grey are missing from the roster. With Cyclops being shown as a flawed leader in the show, Fortnite could host the X-Men’s leader in the game. 

The Season 3 teaser also features a lot of sand, leading many to speculate if Sandman is coming to the game. Flint Marko, Spider-Man villain Sandman, could be a surprise addition to the Battle Royale, bringing a new dynamic mechanic. Season 3 is set to launch on May 24, so fans won’t have to wait long for the reveals. 

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