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New Gladiator Hulk and Hela skins coming to Fortnite, here’s when

Gladiator Hulk

A brand-new Fortnite update has brought a slew of fresh additions to the game, and its files reveal that Marvel characters Gladiator Hulk and Hela are coming to the game later.

Marvel has been a big part of Fortnite in past years, with numerous characters from the comic book company constantly being added to the game. Thanks to the Epic Games-Disney deal, players saw more characters from Disney IPs such as Marvel’s The Guardians of the Galaxy. Now, it looks like more characters will make their way to Fortnite in the near future.

These new skins are part of a brand-new set, which might suggest that more characters from that specific Marvel era might be added to the game later as well. Although these skins are present in the files, they’re not available to purchase yet. Considering the data is mined from the game’s files, it’s safe to assume it’s coming soon.

What new Marvel skins are coming to Fortnite?

Mined data reveals that Hela and Gladiator Hulk from the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Thor: Ragnarok will come to Fortnite in the form of new skins.

The news that Fortnite is including Hela and Gladiator Hulk soon comes from X user HYPEX, someone known for revealing updates before they officially come to Fortnite. They also posted pictures of what both characters look like in-game, alongside other details.

The pictures depict the new Fortnite skins as being part of the Ragnarok set, referencing the Thor movie with the same subtitle. Since both are part of the Ragnarok set, it’s unknown whether other characters such as Thor and Loki will join the fray and come to Fortnite in their Ragnarok forms.

This isn’t the first Hulk skin players have seen in Fortnite, as the character was introduced in the game in December 2022 as part of the Hulk pack. That Hulk pack included an original version of Hulk alongside Recruit Hulk as a style. If this is anything to go by, Marvel fans can expect more variants of these famous characters to come to the game as well, perhaps including Professor Hulk, who was featured in Avengers: Endgame.

When will the new Marvel skins come to Fortnite?

Epic Games hasn’t revealed when the new Marvel skins will come to Fortnite, though it’ll likely be soon.

Even though Epic Games hasn’t announced it yet, fans speculate that the two characters should arrive in the game somewhere between Chapter 5 Seasons 2 and Season 4. The reason is that the characters are in the game’s files now, and the mined images read that both were “Introduced in Chapter 5, Season 2,” suggesting that both should be in the shop before May 24, 2024.

If they aren’t in the game by Chapter 5, Season 2, they’ll likely be added in the upcoming seasons. Going by the leaked roadmap, Chapter 5, Seasons 3 and 4 will be centered around Gladiators and Marvel Comics respectively, where Hulk and Hela would fit perfectly.

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