Riot plans third international event for League of Legends in 2025

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Riot will reportedly hold a third major international tournament for League of Legends in 2025.

The esports division of League of Legends had a rough start in 2024. LCS teams were infamously set up in “closets” in favor of the Valorant playoffs on the main broadcast stage. Tenured commentator Quickshot unceremoniously left Riot Games and the LEC, allegedly due to a controversial joke made on social media. Finally, T1 experienced several DDoS attacks that hampered their training for tournament play.

Add to that the various rebranding efforts and team sales, and the League’s esports division has fallen on hard times by some measures. Despite all that, League of Legends consistently remains one of the most popular esports games. So much so that Riot reportedly has plans to host a third international tournament for 2025.

Is Riot adding a third major international esports tournament?

Riot could be adding a new esports tournament would join the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational and World Championship on the international event calendar in League of Legends. The new event may have played a role in the recent shake-ups to the League of Legends esports scene. The LEC recently moved to the three-split format, and a third international tournament could elevate those divisions. Reports suggest the other esports leagues may soon restructure their formats to accommodate the new tournament as well.

The LCS will likely be the next candidate for a three-split format, given its relative similarity to the LEC. Regardless, the format changes could spice things up for the League of Legends esports division. After all, with Valorant on its heels celebrating its highest viewership in 2024, League needs more ways to stay relevant now than ever before. 

When will Riot host a new international LoL tournament?

Riot has not confirmed the debut date of its new international LoL tournament.  Reports suggest the new event will take place between Winter 2024 and Spring 2025. Riot Games has seemingly confirmed big plans for its 2025 esports schedule.

“We plan to have an update on the 2025 LoL Esports schedule in June,” a Riot Games spokesperson said.

The tournament would likely result in many leagues worldwide pushing back their typical start dates. Whether the tournament will affect minor regions and smaller competitions remains unknown.  Either way, fans are cautiously excited to see what’s next in League of Legends esports. 

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