Mafia 4 likely to be revealed soon, here’s when and how we know

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2K Games is likely set to resurrect the Mafia series, and might reveal Mafia 4 very shortly.

The Mafia series is an action-oriented crime video game developed by 2K Czech. While Czech developers made the first two games in the series, Hanger 13, a collaborative studio spread across four locations, created the third installment. The series is held in generally high esteem as a timepiece alternative to the Grand Theft Auto series with a greater narrative focus and more grounded stories.

Despite that, the series hasn’t received a new installment since 2016’s Mafia 3. That might be changing, with word of a major reveal from 2K Games coming.

2K Games is ready to showcase big games at Summer Game Fest

2K Games is positioned to reveal a new game at Summer Game Fest, which is widely believed to be Mafia 4.

In a Tweet, the event organizer announced that 2K Games will unveil the “next iteration” of a major franchise. Leaker Kurakasis discussed 2K reviving the Mafia series a few weeks prior, leading to the belief that this mystery game is Mafia 4. The timing is fortuitous and could serve as a great appetizer for Grand Theft Auto 6. GTA 6 is published by 2K Games’ sister company Rockstar Games and is set for a Fall 2025 release.

While there is a great deal of smoke surrounding Mafia, it’s not the only beloved franchise under the 2K Games umbrella.

Borderlands 4 is all but confirmed already, and is fully in control of 2K after the acquisition of developer Gearbox Software. The next Bioshock has already been announced and linked to the studio Cloud Chamber. Neither has been officially revealed.

Mafia 4 release date, platform details

Mafia 4 would likely be set for a late 2024 or early 2025 release. A PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC release is likely.

2K Games will likely steer the release far away from the Fall 2025 release window of Grand Theft Auto 6. Releasing two organized crime-themed open-world action games in the same holiday season would not make sense for Take-Two Interactive. As much as Mafia is beloved, going up against the juggernaut that is GTA 6 is not recommended. 

The Mafia series always strives to look the best, targeting modern consoles and PCs to push the graphics. The games also have realistic simulations, especially regarding NPCs and traffic behavior. Mafia fans don’t have to wait long for the announcement, as The Summer Game Fest launches on June 7, 2024.

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