A new Mafia game is coming, but will it be Mafia 4? What we know

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A Twitter user associated with gaming-related leaks in the past claims that the Mafia series is set for a revival, but does that mean Mafia 4 is coming or is it something else?

The last mainline game in the Mafia series, Mafia 3, was released in 2016 to a mixed reception. Since then, previous titles in the series have received re-releases in the form of one remake and one remaster, but fans have eagerly been anticipating the next original Mafia project which was confirmed to be in development.

According to a leaker named Kurakasis, who leaked Marvel Rivals days before it was revealed, Take-Two Interactive is preparing an announcement related to the Mafia series. While it’s unknown what this announcement will entail, fans are hoping it might mean that the series is making a return with a fresh entry but how likely is that?

Will there be a Mafia 4?

A new Mafia game is confirmed to be in the works but it’s unclear if this title is Mafia 4, a re-release of a past title, or something else entirely.

The reported announcement hasn’t been confirmed by Take-Two or developer Hangar 13. The leaker stated that the last time an announcement was looming like this with Take-Two’s game Judas, it took the company three to four weeks to gear up for the trailer before it debuted. Therefore, fans can potentially expect a similar delay for the upcoming announcement.

Interestingly, Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb has stated that a PlayStation promotional event will take place in May. This could suggest the game is revealed next month as part of the proceedings. Since the series celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2022, another entry would be an excellent way for Mafia to return.

The last Mafia game to be released was Mafia 2: Definitive Edition. However, the remastered version of the 2010 Mafia 2 was developed by d3t instead of Hanger 13. Hanger 13 confirmed on its website that it’s developing a new game in the Mafia franchise, though it’s unknown if it will be Mafia 4. Additionally, job listings suggest it’s being developed in Unreal Engine 5.

Will Mafia 4 be a prequel to the other Mafia games?

Little is known about the upcoming Mafia game, but leaks suggest it might be a prequel to the other three Mafia games.

Nick Baker of XboxEra stated that the next Mafia would be set in the late 19th and early 20th century. Serving as a prequel to the other three mainline games in the trilogy, the game would focus on Don Salieri, head of the Salieri crime family that Mafia 1 protagonist Tommy Angelo worked for.

With the focus on Don Salieri, the game might take players back to the bustling streets of Sicily. Baker also stated that the game would be more linear than the other games, which had open-world elements that mimicked Grand Theft Auto. With GTA 6 scheduled for 2025 and already positioned to be the biggest thing in gaming upon release, Mafia making itself more distinct from its predecessor may be a wise decision.

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