Is Marvel making a FPS competitor to Overwatch with Rivals?

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A leaker with a reputation when it comes to Marvel-related games claims that the upcoming Marvel Rivals may be an AAA multiplayer FPS set in the Marvel Universe

Marvel’s video game empire has had its ups and downs. Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on PlayStation 5 found both critical and commercial success, while Marvel Snap cemented the company’s place in the mobile market. However, notable flops like Marvel’s Avengers and nixed games like Spider-Man: The Great Web also show the company isn’t above failure.

Still, Marvel has the means to continue making massive games. Many of these games take advantage of Marvel’s impressive roster of characters, like Midnight Suns and Marvel vs. Capcom. Recent leaks suggest a more ambitious plan has formed at Marvel HQ.

What is Marvel Rivals?

Marvel Rivals is reportedly a new AAA game coming to all platforms developed by NetEase Games, with signs pointing to it being a hero shooter in the vein of Overwatch.

All this comes from the leaker Kurakasis who claims to have discovered information on the game and believes it’s an Overwatch-style shooter based on reports from 2019. Kurakasis previously reported the title for Skydance Media’s WW2 Marvel game, which was later revealed to be Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra, before its official announcement. 

A hero shooter based on Marvel makes sense, even if it’s a bit awkward. There are plenty of gun-toting characters in Marvel and bringing together the likes of Punisher, Deadpool, Taskmaster, and the like could work.

Alternatively, Marvel dipped its toes into the MOBA scene with Marvel Super War, which was also developed by NetEase. It boasts solid scores across the board but is mobile-exclusive. Meanwhile, the AAA Marvel Rivals will reportedly launch on PC, mobile, and consoles. A Marvel-themed game in the vein of Smite or Pokemon Unite could be a hit.

Kurakasis noted that while they are certain that NetEase is working on a new Marvel title named Marvel Rivals, it’s not entirely clear what kind of game it will be. Fans will ultimately have to wait to find out for certain.

When is the release date for Marvel Rivals?

Marvel Rivals has no official release date and hasn’t been officially announced.

Kurakasis does claim that the game’s announcement will come in 2024. Whether the announcement comes with a release window remains to be seen. As of this writing, Marvel has a drought of game releases in 2024. 1943: Rise of Hydra and Marvel’s Blade likely won’t come out in 2024, though fans will likely get DLC for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

With Marvel Rivals not even getting an announcement, and paired with the typical scope of MOBA shooters, any release date will likely be much later than 2024. At the very least, Marvel fans have quite a few games to look forward to in the new year.

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